Money Never Sleeps, the Long Awaited Book that Explains the Banking and Business Game of Credit and Capital Access

Moreno Valley, CA, January 17, 2007 --( Who is FICO an why is he giving me a low credit score? Who are the Benjamins, and why won’t they lend me money? How many times have these questions echoed throughout the country without a legitimate response? Andrea Millon and Vicki Millon attempt to tackle these questions in a simple book that explains the game of capital and credit development.

Andrea Millon, Author of Memoirs of a Chosen Time and Maori’s Sacrifice, decided to use her background in banking and economic development to help explain what the capital and credit game is all about in the small business world. Vicki Millon, International Real Estate Investor, wanted to share her knowledge with small business or real estate entrepreneurs.

This book has long been anticipated, but not committed to, “I don’t know how many small business or economic development seminars and conferences I been to where the individual or small business owner doesn’t understand the process or the know how to get the capital or credit needed to sustain their business. Let me tell’ya, small business is needed in our country, it is the economic stimulant of this country, it is the backbone or foundation of this country, and it’s the definition of America,” Andrea comments.

Vicki Millon adds, “This is part one of a three part series. What we hope to accomplish is the narrowing of the financial gap that small business and big business have between them only because one has access to capital and the other does not. America was founded on the principle of equal opportunity and fortune through hard work not riding on the coat tails of others."

Money Never Sleeps Part 1, will be released exclusively through Grants or Capital Consulting firm January 31, 2007. Pre orders or sample copies can be arranged through the firm at website or 951-490-6789.

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