Project Management Services Improve Overall Productivity According to a New SkillStorm Whitepaper

National technical consulting firm releases new employment resource exploring the benefits of using project management services.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 23, 2010 --( Project management services can be a beneficial service to companies looking for a strategic means of achieving business goals in any industry according to a new whitepaper released by SkillStorm, a national IT services firm. The whitepaper addresses topics such as different project management positions and their possible roles within an organization, the benefits of using managed project services and the use of IT Project Management.

“Project management has become a critical component to business success, not just in the technology arena but in all industries. Over 30% of projects that are started never reach completion, costing companies valuable time, resources and money. Managed project services allow businesses to bring in qualified project specialists to take on responsibility for the success of a project which typically leads to a reduction in cost and time and improved productivity,” said SkillStorm CEO Vince Virga.

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SkillStorm also offers several other employment and business resources. The company recently released a Consulting whitepaper that addresses topics such as what consultants do, how using consultants can benefit an organization and the top reasons why consultants are hired. SkillStorm also released a Social Networking and Security whitepaper that helps readers understand how several big social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, treat personal information differently and offers tips on actively setting limits on the information users share. The SkillStorm Job Descriptions booklet provides a comprehensive glossary of job titles, typical tasks and required knowledge base for many positions in the IT industry. The booklet also includes national wages and employment trends. To access these and other SkillStorm resources, please visit the SkillStorm Website at

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