The National Sleep Foundation Announces Great American Sleep Challenge

Ever Dreamed of a Better Night’s Sleep? The National Sleep Foundation Launches Campaign to Help Americans Improve the Quality of Their Zzzzzs.

Washington, DC, January 17, 2007 --( Does having more energy, feeling refreshed and zipping through the day with a rejuvenated spirit sound intriguing or, maybe even impossible?

It could be easier to achieve than you think. One solution may be to get a better night’s sleep! An astonishing 70 million Americans experience sleep problems that impact relationships, health, productivity at work and even driving skills. In order to combat this growing epidemic, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) will launch the NSF Great American Sleep ChallengeTM, a nationwide, online campaign designed to focus America’s attention on getting better sleep.

Beginning February 5 through March 19, 2007, Americans who want to achieve better sleep and improve their overall well-being are encouraged log on to and sign up.

It is easy to participate; all of the tools, which include a questionnaire to set desired sleep goals and a one week, online journal, are presented in consumer-friendly language. Once the Sleep Challenge is completed, participants will have the ability to assess their sleep needs and be one step closer to feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. And, by participating, all entrants qualify to win “dreamy” sleep-related prizes.

“Day to day, nationwide our lifestyles are compromised because of the quality of our sleep. The goal of the Sleep Challenge is simple: to help Americans get better sleep,” said NSF’s CEO, Richard L. Gelula. “It is established that there is a direct association between how Americans are sleeping and their overall behavior, mood, and performance. There is solid evidence that the quality and quantity of our sleep plays a significant role in our daily lives. NSF believes that the Sleep Challenge will provide eye-opening results for those plagued with poor sleep habits and will also educate about how to get the sleep we need.”

Participants are encouraged to enlist as many people they can. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win sleep-related prizes. Inviting others to join the Sleep Challenge can be done by sending an e-card or e-mail to family, friends and colleagues. NSF aspires to have all of America on the fast track to better sleep.

If an individual’s Sleep Challenge goals are not met, and trouble sleeping continues to be a problem, the easy-to-print sleep journal can be shared with a physician or local sleep specialist. Local sleep centers can be found by visiting

The NSF Great American Sleep Challenge is a promotion of National Sleep Awareness Week (NSAW). NSAW is the week leading up to the return of Daylight Saving Time, March 5 - 11, 2007 when clocks “spring forward” and people throughout the country may lose an hour of needed sleep.

Launched in 1998, National Sleep Awareness Week is an opportunity for communities and organizations to partner in drawing attention to the importance of quality sleep and the treatment of sleep problems for good health, productivity, and safety. A highlight of the Week’s activities is the release of NSF’s annual Sleep in America poll, the only annual barometer of how Americans are sleeping. This year’s poll will focus on the sleep habits and attitudes of American women.

For additional information on sleep or the importance of sleep, visit NSF’s website at

L. Anne Carrington