ACS Dealer Management System Releases Internet Lead Tracking Tool for All Dealers including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Hyundai

Window’s® Based ACCESS Dealer Management System (DMS) upgrades ACSFirst with new automated report to assist users in tracking Internet leads.

Mobile, AL, October 26, 2010 --( Window’s® Based ACCESS DMS upgrades ACSFirst with new automated report to assist users in tracking Internet leads.

“Traditionally tracking internet leads has been a challenge,” explained Van Koppersmith, President of ACS. “Part of the information was retained on the Internet Lead Management application, part of it on the DMS. This new approach provides comprehensive reporting for all of our dealerships, allowing them to gain an insight on what is actually happening.” The ACS process is unique, as it automatically tracks prospects as they advance through the sales cycle. This enhanced reporting tool is a free upgrade for ACS dealerships.

The Internet Lead Report reports the total of all Internet Leads created within a user-specified date range, how those leads were distributed, and the disposition of the leads – whether the lead visited the dealership, demoed, had a write-up, was sold, and/or took delivery. Report parameters allow the user to include one, multiple, or all salespeople and include one, multiple, or all lead advertising sources. In addition to allowing the user to display, print, or export results to a spreadsheet, the report parameters also give the user the option to sort by salesperson, lead source, or prospect, thus determining the detail included in the report results.

When sorted by salesperson or Internet lead sources, the report compares totals and calculates percentages in the following categories: appointments created, appointments kept, demos, write-ups, sales (open deals), and deliveries. Finally, the report includes grand totals for all columns, showing the totals and percentages for all salespeople or lead sources combined.

When sorted by prospect, the report results list each prospect’s reference/deal number, their salesperson, creation date, lead source, opportunity type, and current stage in the sales process. Additionally, the report results include columns to indicate if the prospect was scheduled for one or more appointments, kept one or more appointments, received a write-up, was put in a deal, and/or accepted delivery. These statistical columns are then totaled and grand totals for all prospects are presented at the end of the report.

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Founded in 1992, Automotive Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) offers dealers ACCESS®, a comprehensive, fully integrated Windows-based Dealer Management System. ACS is a Microsoft Automotive Retail Solutions partner providing Microsoft based solutions to dealerships throughout the United States. For more information, visit the ACS web site at Or call 1-800-ACS-8187 Prompt 7 for more information.

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