Million Word Site: A Word is Worth a Million Pixels

The Million Word Site is steadily growing especially when compared to pixel sites.

Brooklyn, NY, January 17, 2007 --( Itzhak Schier, a Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic Jew from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, officially launched his Million Word Site last week by promoting it to members of his traditional Jewish community. That is why, among words pertaining to web hosting, jewelry, automobiles, chocolate and just about anything else, the site includes a plethora of Jewish religious terms such as kosher, Chanukah, and of course Chabad Lubavitch.

But Schier, who has taken the online nickname “ZiQui Million,” welcomes all to join his site, and he makes it clear that “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a part of the Million Word Site revolution!” He also notes that his idea, while somewhat connected to the original Million Dollar Home Page, is “like a Ferrari compared to a horse and buggy” as far as pixel sites are concerned – and while his site is brand new, the initial response to it, as well as its functionality, bears out his rather audacious comparison.

All you do have to do is purchase a word, usually priced at fifteen dollars but reduced to eight dollars during the initial phase as more and more features are being added to the site daily.

As it now stands, the Million Word Site combines the best of search engine optimization, domain name selection, and social networking communities as its “reinvents the Web.” The Million Word Site is a microcosm of the Web itself, where in essence all of the domain names that anyone would have wanted are available as words or phrases via the site. Once the word is purchased, it is exclusive to the purchaser, and site members can build a linked mini-site of up to five pages, link their word from the front page or internal search engine to their own sites, or just hold on to the word in anticipation of a system that will allow them to sell, auction off or rent their word to potential members who did not join in time to get the word of their choice at signup. New members who signed up last week were pleasantly surprised when their words showed up in the first page of major search engines after only a few days, and the site is steadily attracting new members daily in anticipation of a great deal of publicity and interest. And upcoming blog and forum features will enable social and business networking within a large group of people who share a commitment to the benefits of the site.

Once the site reaches one million words (in any languages that can be written in Latin characters), no further words will be added. This goal is expected to be reached in anywhere from nine to fifteen months now that the site is officially launched. Schier himself does not hold words on his own account, other than his nickname of ZiQui which is linked to a mini-site that provides instructions for members.

Contact: Itzhak Schier at 347 280 7897 or

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