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Learn how to develop, bottle, market, sell and distribute your Energy Drink Beverage.

San Diego, CA, January 17, 2007 --( Liquid Brands Management, Inc. launched a program at dedicated to help Beverage Industry entrepreneurs start and sell their Energy Drinks. Find details at Energy Drink Sales

“The beverage industry is growing incredibly, especially in New Age Beverages, and the Energy Drink Category is spearheading much of the growth,” says Jorge Olson, Beverage Consultant and founder of Liquid Brands Management. “The Energy Drink marketplace is not only profitable, it’s exciting,” Jorge concluded.

Energy Drinks command a US $2 billion industry and have grown over 700% over the last 5 years and there is no stopping in sight. Like in all growing markets, there are many new companies entering the marketplace, most of them are coming from other industries and not from the Beverage Industry. Unfortunately, many of them are unsuccessful and go out of business after a few months. was created to help new and up and coming companies succeed in the New Energy Drink Marketplace, teaching entrepreneurs how to create the best brands, save on production, execute marketing plans and most importantly, find beverage distributors and sell through retailers.

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