New "Periodic Table" for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Chemical Engineering with 9 Periods, 218 Elements Created by 24 DNA Founders

“We have simplified both the traditional and extended Periodic Table for the world academic and scientific communities; 9 Periods, 50 Groups, 5 Blocks and 218 elements,” says author, and 24 DNA Co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

La Mirada, CA, October 27, 2010 --( The founders of 24 DNA will release the new “Periodic Table” on the internet on October 26, 2010 for anyone to download from

The new Periodic Table with 100 predicted elements has been mapped out by La Mirada, California founders of 24 DNA Company who discovered the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents” which a provisional patent was granted by USPTO earlier this year.

The traditional Periodic Table of the elements was proposed in 1869 by Russian chemistry professor Dimitri Mendeleev. The value of his scheme for organizing the elements was proven by the prediction of the existence and properties of then unknown elements including gallium (first isolated in 1875). The current standard Periodic Table contains 118 (1-118) elements. Last Friday, October 22, 2010, Pekka Pyykkö at the University of Helsinki used a highly accurate computational model to predict elements up to proton number 172.

“It is true that extra 54 super heavy elements predicted by Pyykko exist under extreme conditions with a very short lifetime owing to radioactive decay and have not been synthesized. And the rest of the extra 46 super elements, making a total of 100 super elements and a complete total of 218 for the Periodic Table, like Pyykko’s process, we have used rules of quantum mechanics, relativity function in determining their chemical properties and our discovery of Sub-Particles Blueprint to map out the final table. The elements are all naturally grouped together based on their atomic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity and not scattered inside and outside of Table,” said Afamasaga.

You can download the New Periodic Table at Afamasaga’s or contact his assistant, Ms. Atuatasi, on 323-347-5349 or you may email to send you a copy.

About 24 DNA,
24 DNA is a privately held company in La Mirada, California. Its founders discovered various genetic Blueprints such as the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents” which has recently been granted a provisional patent by USPTO. The DNA discovered is a molecule of inheritance information, not the Blueprint which the DNA is a component. 24 DNA and its founder discovered the Blueprint and also, Sub-Particle Blueprints.

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