Arizona Orthopaedic Associates Now Performing Anterior Hip Replacement Procedures at Banner Desert Medical Center

New Table Doubles Number of Patients Able to Have Anterior Hip Replacement Procedure, Which Minimizes Pain and Shortens Recovery Time.

Phoenix, AZ, October 27, 2010 --( The surgeons at Arizona Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) now have another top-tier hospital to perform the anterior hip replacement procedure they introduced to Arizona in 2007.

Banner Desert Medical Center, a valued medical provider of the East Valley for more than 35 years, recently installed the OSI-Pro-FX table at its Mesa medical campus.The OSI-Pro FX table allows physicians to position a patient’s leg in ways not possible with conventional tables. This unique capability enables AOA surgeons to replace the hip joint through a single incision, without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur. Physicians also use an interoperative x-ray to ensure precise placement of the hip. The result is reduced pain, less muscle trauma, a lower risk of dislocation and a shorter hospital stay.

“Hip replacements are on the rise in America, with the number of procedures almost doubling over the past 10 years,” said Dr. David Ott, orthopedic surgeon with Arizona Orthopaedic Associates. “AOA is meeting that demand with a minimally invasive procedure that reduces pain and cuts recovery times by up to three months and Banner Desert is helping us achieve that goal.”

AOA surgeons were the first in Arizona to perform the procedure and recently completed their 600th hip replacement using the OSI-Pro-FX Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Table. It is the only surgical table designed exclusively for hip and knee arthroplasty.

The OSI-Pro-FX table allows AOA surgeons to work through the natural interval between the muscles, leaving the most important muscles for hip function - the gluteal muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur - undisturbed, providing patients with the least invasive procedure available and faster recovery time.

Thanks to the table, the Phoenix-based orthopedic surgeons group has patients walking the same day as surgery and returning to full mobility within 2-8 weeks, instead of the typical 2-4 months needed after traditional surgery.

Rose See, an East Valley resident who had the anterior procedure earlier this year in Phoenix, said the convenience of having a place to go near her home would have been very beneficial.

“For me, I only stayed in the hospital one night but it was still inconvenient,” See said. “In my mind, I wasn’t expecting that people were going to keep me company so I asked them not to come. It was just too far.”

Ironically, See’s husband needed a knee replacement at the same time as her hip surgery. They recuperated together at home, although Rose, who’s been active in sports all her life, beat her husband back to her daily routine.

“I was running circles around him by the end,” she said.

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