The Nation’s First Truly Global Diversity Career Expo & Multilingual Job Fair to be Held in Baltimore, MD, April 15-17, 2007

Washington, DC, January 18, 2007 --( announces the world’s premier Global Diversity Career Expo & Multilingual Job Fair taking place from April 15 to 17, 2007 in the Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia National Capital Region.

Venue: The Baltimore Convention Center, One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

According to Mohamed Ly, Founder and Executive Director of and, “One only needs to take a glance at today’s workforces and marketplaces, and their diverse and ever-evolving composition to discern the inevitable trend: the increasing and imperative need to have human resources strategically prepared to bridge people and organizations beyond language, cultural and international barriers. With the war for talent long gone global, if diversity was ever on one’s agenda, it now must have a specific raison d'être to survive criticism; beyond the right thing to do, it must directly tie to the bottom-line for businesses in order to remain a lasting priority. The purpose of is to literally translate diversity into global capability, thus earning a tremendous competitive advantage to organizations increasingly facing reach-out and access challenges when taking on emerging and locally diverse or global marketplaces.”

It is in this spirit that over 600 world-class employers are expected to come together during this unprecedented Global Diversity & Multilingual Recruiting event and take advantage of the opportunity to meet over 10,000 multilingual, multicultural and international career-seeking professionals of all levels, from various industries and specialties; including finance, marketing, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communication, Information technology, Engineering, hospitality, linguistics, international relations/business, and much more. Over 330 languages will be represented – from the most commonly encountered ones, such as Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Arabic and sign languages, to the hardest-to-find such as Burmese, Laotian, Khmer, Somali and more.

This unique gathering is highly anticipated by businesses, government, non-profit and international agencies as well as multilingual and cross-culturally competent professionals, nationwide. It is designed to simplify the challenging recruiting process for employers to successfully engage, attract and hire top diversity and international talent. It is also intended to unearth often unsuspected and huge employment opportunities for job seekers capable and desirous of leveraging their foreign language proficiency and cross-cultural competencies at work for greater success in their careers.

“The April 2007 edition of Global Diversity Career Expo & Multilingual Job Fair is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind ever produced. This is a unique opportunity for employers who are serious about diversity as a business strategy with real applications in the workplace and tangible ROI to engage and acquire top-notch candidates and win the global war for talent,” said Ly. “And in the process, it also allows over 10,000 foreign language-proficient and cross-culturally competent job–seekers—from achieved professionals and executives to international and local students/recent graduates in the U.S., Canada and beyond—to meet with no less than 600 prestigious multinationals, government agencies, NGO, and other U.S. organizations for great employment opportunities.”

Global and diversity-focused employers will directly interact with career-minded professionals who are foreign language-skilled, international and cross-culturally competent, and seeking to fully exploit their skills at work, in various specialties.

Take-homes include additional features and benefits such as:

For Employers

· Express unfailing and strategic commitment to diversity and appeal to invaluable talents as employers of choice

· Opportunity to directly access over 10,000 top-notch working professionals during the event and over 60,000 top-notch professional candidates thru resume search and applicants tracking capabilities

· Increased visibility, branding and candidates reach-out capability with employers' own exclusive information/presentation sessions and seminars to educate and attract to the right talents

· Ability to hold private interviews and testing, run national and international candidates’ background checks and employment screening during the event and make employment offers on the spot

· Unlimited job postings and comprehensive candidates management and communication system

· Gain exclusive access to diversity candidates’ resumes collected on CD or online at

· Professional, community-based and university associations will promote the Global Diversity Career Expo and Multilingual Job Fair and participating employers thru their networks in addition to event marketing campaign

· Take advantage of expo/information sessions and exchange ideas for solving skilled workers and globally competent professionals shortage, and discuss strategies to win the global war for talents

· Gain prominent and continued exposure before, during and long after the event and much more!

For Job-Seekers

· Meet, learn about and interview for local and international career opportunities with diversity-friendly and world-class employers

· Pre-registered attendees can take advantage of free Career Development/Presentation sessions to:

o learn global career management techniques and how to overcome minority challenges and communication barriers in the workplace from presenting employers and experts and partners

o learn how to deal with issues faced in global/diverse workforces and international employment settings

o learn how to leverage and sell international background, foreign language fluency and cultural awareness as valuable assets for local and global employers for career advancement

o gain invaluable information and receive career tips for minority and international professionals and speakers covering anything from Expat Living to Relocation, VISA/Immigration, Cultural Competency and other issues/topics, in the U.S. and abroad

· Take advantage of career and global employment experts and international education professionals for growth and success

· Up-close and enlightening interactions with top employers and incredible networking opportunities

· A Global Diversity Career Resource at their fingertips to search and apply for jobs with prestigious employers

· Use's career management tools and online global resources to search and apply for jobs, upload multiple industry-specific resumes and cover letters, setup job-agents, network via blogs, forums/discussion groups and much more!

· Pre-registered candidates will be given priority access and seating during expo sessions and corporate presentations. Select-candidates can also win Travel Scholarships to attend the Global Diversity Career Expo & Multilingual Job Fair

· Additionally, to facilitate candidates travel to the event, airline, train and bus transportation are being reserved to bring pre-registered qualified candidates from across the U.S. to the event.


As a global diversity job board and multilingual career search engine with nearly 1000 languages, serves Global 5000 corporations, local businesses, government agencies, NGOs, Healthcare and educational Institutions, worldwide, assisting these employers to find, engage, attract and hire hard-to-find multilingual and cross-culturally competent professionals, from Apprentice to Executive levels. Additionally produces the most innovative and comprehensive Global Diversity Career Expo & Job Fairs to help meet local and international employers’ diversity talent needs.

At the same time, also serves as the ideal gateway to top language jobs and career opportunities in any specialties for candidates eager to utilize their foreign language, international and/or cultural competencies at work – from achieved professionals to college graduates and interns.

About A2Z Lingua International, LLC ( was officially founded in 2003 but cumulates five years of operation, with five divisions respectively offering:

· Foreign Language services (Translation, Interpreting, Localization…)

· Multilingual Staffing and Diversity/Global Recruiting solutions

· Foreign Language and Cross-Cultural Coaching and Diversity Training/Consulting

· one unique online global diversity job board and career search engine for bilingual professionals, diversity-committed and global employers

· and Multilingual Yellow Pages/Global Business Directory services.

In a remarkably short period of time,’s service and technology innovations propelled what started 5 years ago as a language and localization service provider to the forefront of multiple industries with top-notch solutions including multilingual staffing and recruiting, foreign language and cultural coaching, diversity training and consulting, online multilingual and international job posting...

Clients include NGOs, government and commercial organizations and job seekers from (literally) Canada to Argentina, and round the world.

For more information on how to be a part the Global Diversity Career Expo & Multilingual Job Fair, call 1-888-USE-A2ZLI (873-2295) or visit

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Mohamed Ly