Washington, D.C.’s Newest Web Presence, PAPSFIRST, Offers an Unconventional Approach to Political and Entertainment News and Receives Rave Reviews from Critics

PAPSFIRST's mission is to entertain, delight and serve inquiring minds, as an interactive web presence providing attention-grabbing headlines and photojournalism on the full political, celebrity and business news spectrum of Washington, DC. Also dishing out news from Hollywood too, the website allows you to release the inner pop culture junkie, peruse photo galleries of the stars, find Answers to the Asked, post a comment, scroll through exclusive footage or subscribe for daily updates.

Washington, DC, October 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- It’s not often you see videos of scantly clad supermodels and astute, political deal-makers on the same web page. Even more curious is how a breaking news agency can take the salacious gossip and trite entertainment buzz and make it humanistic, compelling and refreshing on that same news page. Enter PAPSFIRST.

Created by former TMZ Lead Producer Colin Drummond, PAPSFIRST is a one-stop virtual shop for Washington, D.C. political & celebrity news updates, covering the unconventional side of politics, business and east coast entertainment in a YouTube-meets-Google-meets-CNN-information-age way.

Drummond’s latest brainchild, PAPSFIRSTis based on his mantra for living, “dishing out need-to-know news efficiently yet respectfully.” His website is a product of three goals he’s worked towards: create a custom web presence to serve as a marketing tool for boosting news coverage in DC; redesign the way news is captured with Google-based searching and exclusive video reel; and provide a full spectrum of political commentary.

Since its creation in August 2010, PAPSFIRST has grown rapidly with a street team of savvy contributors dedicated to news sharing 24/7 and received press from radio, television and media scores already. According to New York Post’s Joe Amari, Colin Drummond is swift, aggressive and the “King of the News Beat, this side of the Mississippi.”

Now, a comprehensive web presence loaded with videos, personal applications, comment sections and user-friendly widgets, the website offers a humanistic angle, different from current entertainment news providers. There is also a tab, Find Answers to the Asked, an interactive feature allowing anyone to post a question and see which top 10 questions will be answered with scores of clips, videos and answers by the next day.

“The website has a new design, easy navigation, exclusive video rights and blends advertising and marketing needs of Hollywood entertainment news with DC-based Capitol Hill politics in a positive way,” said Drummond. PAPFIRST provides full-service news coverage, day rates, assignments, advertising, partnership and sponsorship opportunities. For more information, about PAPSFIRST, reach us at 202-498-2409 or email colind at PAPSFIRST dot com.

Lauren Gauthier