New Spray Gel Effectively Cleans Tile, Grout and Other Hard Surfaces without Harsh Fumes

Patented technology removes soap scum, hard water stains and mineral build-up without the use of chemicals that cause unpleasant or toxic fumes.

Cleveland, OH, January 18, 2007 --( Magic American Products, a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaning solutions, has introduced Fume Free Tile & Grout Magic®, a spray gel featuring patented technology that achieves effective cleaning results without offensive odors. Fume Free Tile & Grout Magic relies on a synergistic blend of proprietary organic acids and surfactants instead of ammonia or phosphoric acid, which can produce harsh fumes. The product removes calcium and lime deposits, rust stains and soap scum from most hard surfaces, including: ceramic tile, grout, chrome, glass, fiberglass and porcelain.

“In addition to being fume free, Tile & Grout Magic is a thickened gel that enables it to cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces, enhancing both contact and cleaning time,” said Rachelle Rabasi, Magic American product manager. “Consumers can use the cleaner in virtually any room of their home, including on counters and floors, as well as tiles, tubs, showers and sinks.”

Ralph Hickman, Magic American VP of marketing, says the new tile and grout cleaner supports Magic American’s mission to create simple cleaning solutions for specific household tasks. “Our goal was to create a more powerful cleaning product that would reduce or eliminate caustic odors associated with the product category. Fume Free Tile & Grout Magic – unlike traditional soap scum cleaners – meets the specs and can be used on a multitude of surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere in the home,” said Hickman.

Suggested retail price for the 32 oz. trigger spray gel is $5.99. The new cleaner will be available beginning in January 2007. Home Depot stores will be among the first retailers to carry the new item.

Magic American Products, a Homax Group company, is a leading marketer and distributor of branded specialty cleaning and bath products. Founded in 1934, Magic American brands include: Goo Gone®, Magic®, Magic® Bath, Myro® and Gonzo®.

Magic American
Bess Nelson