Contract Management in the Quote-to-Cash Cycle: Find the Lost Money

New Aberdeen report finds that, on average, 9% of revenue is leaked away in the Quote-to-Cash process. This report is sponsored by IntelliSoft Group, Inc.

Nashua, NH, January 18, 2007 --( Contracts are a dynamic representation of an enterprise’s relationship with its customers. According to the 189 participants of a new Aberdeen study, the percentage of an enterprise’s revenue that is dictated by a contract is likely to rise from 56% to 68% on average over the next two years. The trend is clearly towards more contractually-based relationships. As such, it will become more and more essential for enterprises to have data such as that within any sales contract at their fingertips; all of which can be used for historical analysis, forecasting, risk assessment and analysis and revenue recognition.

Currently, there are some challenges with this, as the majority of enterprises voiced their concerns over the disconnect between the various processes on the sell-side, including pricing, proposal creation, negotiation, contract management as well as order management and invoicing.

What is the impact of these and other challenges?

Respondents reported that, on average, their enterprises lose 9% of their revenues due to regulatory penalties, missed deadlines, lost sales, “maverick” pricing and transactional errors. This stark view of billions of dollars in lost revenue demands immediate attention from the highest levels within the enterprise.

Additionally, due to non-standard language (and processes) they found that, on average, 18% of an enterprise’s sales cycle is attributed to contract creation, negotiation and approval. Furthermore, a one day reduction in the sales cycle is worth on average $80,000, and of course this varies by company and industry, and in some cases, the number exceeds $250,000.

Contract management also has an impact on Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). In fact, Best in Class enterprises have shown a reduction in this key metric by approximately 20% due to improved contract management.

To learn more on the topic and benchmark your enterprise’s performance, download a complimentary copy of this report, which is made available due to: Selectica, Imany, Upside Software, Ecteon and Intellisoft Group.

Visit to download a complimentary copy of this report. Report sponsored by IntelliSoft Group, Inc.

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