Recognized as an industry leader since 1997, IntelliSoft Group, Inc. is a leading supplier of automated credentialing, provider management, and contract management solutions. IntelliSoft Group’s state-of-the-art software streamlines the medical credentialing/physician credentialing, and contract management process – making it easy to use, cost-effective, and improving overall productivity!

Among IntelliSoft’s array of products you will find “intelligent software” that lives up to its name! IntelliCred© Medical Credentialing/Physician Credentialing software, automates the entire primary source verification credentialing process and manages and tracks privilege and quality data. IntelliApp© Automated Credentialing Application Completion Software, automates the process of completing and tracking credentialing applications – enter data once, and populate any credentialing form easily. IntelliContract© Contract Managment Software, manages and tracks provider and payor contracts for healthcare organizations. IntelliAccess™, managed Citrix® hosting, quickly and securely connects organizations to their data from anywhere, anytime, using a standard web browser. IntelliAccess™ helps reduce common infrastructure hardware, software and management costs.

Visit IntelliSoft’s website to learn more about how these solutions can streamline your credentialing, application, or contract processes today.

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