U.S. Financial Management Donates to the San Diego Food Bank

U.S. Financial Management, a well-known debt settlement company, contributes food and money to the San Diego Food Bank during the holiday season.

San Diego, CA, January 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- With 338,399 people living below the federal poverty level in San Diego County alone, hunger is an issue that is still very real. In fact, approximately 25% of the local population has experienced hunger at some point.*

The San Diego food bank, established in 1977, assists those in need and educates the public on food-related issues. They allocate food to more 160,000 people within the region each month.* Because these issues are so prevalent in the San Diego Community, U.S. Financial Management collected food throughout December with an in-office food drive and raised money with the thought of bringing happiness to others over the holiday season.

U.S. Financial Management’s monetary donations will allow the San Diego Food Bank to feed a family for approximately 52 days.* In addition, the many food items included, box mixes, rice mixes, baby food, water, dried soup, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and food storage supplies. Dawn Grierson, the community project coordinator, is excited about these accomplishments and the continued support U.S. Financial Management’s employees, “Our company and employees are passionate about becoming involved in local issues. We just hope we were able to provide some families with a little holiday cheer.” 

U.S Financial Management, Inc. is a company that wants to revolutionize the debt management industry—and any perceptions that go along with it. “We want to create a foundation for our business that makes us integral to the community, allows us to get involved, and to help others,” asserts Dawn. 

U.S. Financial Management, Inc. is also dedicated to bringing awareness to the issues of hunger and food education. To learn more information or to see how you can help, visit the San Diego Food Bank website at: www.sandiegofoodbank.org

*Statistics courtesy of the San Diego Food Bank.

U.S. Financial Management, Inc.
Christina Lutman