UnicMatrix Launches New Collection of EMF Protection Pendants

Are you suffering from headaches? Feeling depressed? EMF might be the reason. UnicMatrix offers prevention in the form of gorgeous jewelry. The new look book is online introducing great gift ideas for Christmas on unicmatrix.com.

Los Angeles, CA, November 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The awareness that EMF is a serious threat is rising. San Francisco recently adopted a law requiring retailers to list the radiation levels emitted by the cell phones they sell. The World Health Organization considers EMF, the radiation from household items like cell phones, computers, microwaves, and TVs the fastest growing environmental threat. This plight of the electronic age is a leading cause of health problems, anxiety and depression, emotional issues like mood swings, as well as premature skin aging.

UnicMatrix jewelry is the latest technology for EMF protection and an effective stress reliever. New tests have proven that UnicMatrix strengthens the body's resilience to stress significantly -- by 300 percent. At the same time, UnicMatrix calms the mind and the body. It helps concentration and brightens the mood. UnicMatrix can even reduce jet lag. These results confirm the more than 10,000 muscle test (Psycho Kinesiology after Klinghardt and O-ring test for Professor Omura) many therapists like the German physician Dr. Dorothea Lang carried out. Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll is the most common and appropriate method to study the effects of electromagnetic pollution, but also the suppressing effect of UnicMatrix. Since 2009 approximately 200 tests were performed on patients with consistently positive results.

Film producer and director Mila Beck brings UnicMatrix, the beautiful pendants with a purpose, a unique German invention to the US. Dirk Grafischer, the inventor of Pyrolet®, the technology behind UnicMatrix, has been a successful product developer for more than 30 years. By the end of the eighties, Dirk had developed his first product, which was successfully used in more than a thousand institutes. Currently, Dirk has come up with more than thirty patented methods and production developments. All his inventions are being used in the medical therapeutic world of high-performance sports and for wellness worldwide.

Independent testing methods, physicians, therapists, and plenty of happy users including professional athletes and celebrities all over the world confirm the sensational effect of the beautiful pendants. Jim Boeven (German Actor, Los Angeles): "UnicMatrix makes me feel better, makes me look good, makes me happy. It works." Gary Miller (Music Producer, Malibu): "As a music producer I am surrounded by electrical appliances in my sound studio every day. I found it hard to concentrate at times and was tired in the evenings. Since I am wearing the UnicMatrix 'Plus Gold', I am more focused, I feel more lively but relaxed. Don't want to miss my pendant anymore."

UnicMatrix is currently available at www.unicmatrix.com, on Amazon and at select health and fashion stores.

Mila Beck