Earth Alive Introduces MaxKleen™ an All-Natural pH Neutral Industrial Cleaning Solution

Montreal, Canada, January 18, 2007 --( Earth Alive introduces MaxKleen™, an industrial strength pH neutral powder based, aqueous cleaner and degreaser. MaxKleen™ is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment and is certified NSF Class A1, CFIA, SCAQM, WHMIS, OSHA, HAZMAT SARA Title III, and too many others to list. All Earth Alive products meet the LEED-EB (Green Building Rating System for Existing Buildings, Upgrades, Operations and Maintenance. All Earth Alive products are also certified by both PETA and the LeapingBunny, as non-testing on animals. 

All Earth Alive products are also hypoallergenic, and will leave skin soft, not dry, as if hand lotion were applied. At any dilution, it will not harm the surface or operator so it is safe to use daily for all your cleaning needs. It uses cool tap water, not hot, to clean. 

MaxKleen™ will do what traditionally harmful and dangerous acidic chemicals can do, such as heavy duty degreasing. It can be used on tools, parts, grills, tires, engines, shop equipment and with pressure washers.

The product’s ingredients feature a vegetable based substrate which acts as a surfactant and carrier for the proprietary blend of over 30 strains of high performance microbes. The organic surfactant has proven scientifically and in real world applications, to be capable of replacing extreme high and low pH chemicals, including solvents and much more. 

The unique characteristics of the substrate is that it allows it to effectively clean almost any part or surface, while providing for a remediation of organic materials trapped in surface cracks. Through repetitive applications, an increasing number of microbes are released, allowing for constant reproduction of bacteria and continued digestion of organic materials. MaxKleen™ is also at home with synthetic oil and grease, as it is with carbon build up on jet engines… where it cleans like dust on a table, and leaving the surface shiny and smooth as it just waxed. 

Earth Alive Resources, Inc., is a leading-edge developer of premium organic based microbial technology for diverse applications in commercial, industrial and institutional janitorial & sanitation, food production facilities, foodservice & hospitality, vehicle wash, agriculture, bioremediation, waste water and sewage treatment industries. Earth Alive is a privately held Canadian-based company, with offices in Canada and the United States.

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