Oktoberfest 2010 Beer Consumption Highest in History

Oktoberfest 2010 Beer Consumption hit record levels for pub tour operator Thirsty Swagman on their 12-night party tour across Europe.

Munich, Germany, November 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- All that attended Oktoberfest this year will be happy to know that they have drank their way into the history books, as this year’s beer consumption hit a new record of a staggering 7 million Litres.

Visitor numbers were quite a bit higher than last year, moving from 5.7 million to 6.4 million, with almost 600,000 people celebrating Oktoberfest on one Saturday alone. Drinking performance was on form as usual, with visitors guzzling down an average of 1.1 litres each during the two-week event.

When the festival’s spokeswoman, Gabriele Papke was asked about this year’s beer consumption, she had no clue as to why so much was consumed and commented that "they were simply thirsty."

It would seem however, that Oktoberfest drinkers were not quite thirsty enough, as they were no match for thirsty travellers on one Oktoberfest tour. Chief Swagman and founder of party tour operator Thirsty Swagman, Kenneth Hart, was quick to point out “the average beer consumption was considerably lower than that of those on our Euro Hard’n’Fast tour. Travellers on this year’s tour were knocking back a record 7.5 Litres each per day”.

With its annual Euro Hard’n’Fast tour kicking off in the beer tents of Oktoberfest, Thirsty Swagman travellers are a common sight in the Hofbräuhaus and Schottenhamel beer tents.

“It was a huge Oktoberfest for everyone with impressive beer consumption all round” said Tash Marti, Events and Party Manager at Thirsty Swagman. “It was good to see everyone put in their best efforts in celebration of Oktoberfest’s 200th anniversary”.

Oktoberfest’s 200th anniversary was certainly an anniversary worth celebrating. Oktoberfest has come a long way from its first ever celebration. With the 1810 festival consisting of no more than a single carousel and a few modest rides - the delights primarily being beer and horse races. Luckily for us, the attendees had so much fun that year that the celebration was made into an annual tradition.

For those who enjoy paying avid attention of Oktoberfest’s bizarre statistics; some of this year’s lost items included a leather whip, a set of dentures, a live rabbit and a tuba. Unlucky drinkers also lost 770 identity cards, 420 wallets and 366 keys. 2010 also saw a record number of lost children, with figures increasing from 18 to an astounding 37, all of which were eventually reclaimed by their beer guzzling parents.

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