Vision Techniques’ Vehicle Security System Combats Crime in Manchester

Blackburn, United Kingdom, November 04, 2010 --( Two false insurance claimants have been caught out by Vision Techniques security camera systems.

Greater Manchester’s fire brigade used on-board mobile CCTV footage to disproved the claims.

One driver claimed a fire engine hit with his car on a petrol forecourt ‘causing damage to the car and injuries to those inside’.

But mobile CCTV footage showed it slowly moving from the forecourt brushing the bumper only slightly.

Another claim came from a driver from Stretford. She said her car was damaged when a fire fighter jumped out of an engine.

The digital camera system showed she had driven into the fire engine herself.

Cameras are fitted to all 60 of the brigade’s engines. They were initially installed to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Coun Paul Shannon, chairman of the Greater Manchester Fire Authority, said: “To think that people who live within Greater Manchester would actively try and defraud money out of us is a disgrace. It's quite shocking.

“We won't be afraid to name and shame such behaviour in the future.”

In addition to helping with security, the mobile CCTV system provides essential reversing camera safety solutions.

Andrew Kelly, of Vision Techniques, said: “The issues of fraud and deception experienced by Greater Manchester Fire are by no way unique to them, their industry, or the north west as a region.

“We are regularly approached by local government organisations and private companies throughout the country that are having the very same problems with vehicle safety or security.

“At Vision Techniques, we look at each customers scenario individually and provide tailored solutions - whether on a cost or performance basis - that eradicates fraudulent claims while providing safety and savings.”

By working with company’s to understand their safety and security concerns, Vision Techniques pioneers the latest solutions.

Vision Techniques is a leading supplier of the latest security and safety equipment for all types of vehicles - including van, lorry, truck, forklift and HGV - throughout the country.

It supplies to hundreds of local authorities - as well as waste disposal vehicle manufacturers and vehicle body-builders.

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