Farmer Boy AG Supply Adds Tools & Brooms to the Product Line

Farmer Boy AG Supply, a wholesale supplier of agricultural equipment and supplies for dairy, swine, and poultry facilities, including feeders, waterers, feed bins, lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation and more; is pleased to announce the addition of hardware, including tools and brooms to the product line.

Myerstown, PA, November 03, 2010 --( This product line addition will open Farmer Boy’s market to service most all livestock supply needs and also the needs of the general consumer or construction team.

The tools added include screwdrivers and nut drivers of multiple sizes. There are various sizes and styles of pliers and wrenches, including Allen wrench sets, adjustable and heavy duty wrenches, slip joint, tongue and groove, and long nose pliers. Farmer Boy also added bolt and cable cutters, socket sets and multiple sizes of sockets, as well as drill bit sets. Farmer Boy AG introduced heavy duty garage and street brooms and associated replacement parts to the product line.

The new tools are made of materials including Chrome Vanadium Alloy, Chrome Nickel, and High Carbon Tool Steel. These materials are designed to provide customers with tools rated high in durability and performance. Manufactured under quality control to insure that each product will meet or exceed the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or the US Federal Specifications for quality and performance, this will be a strong addition to Farmer Boy AG’s product line.

Farmer Boy Ag Supply provides customers with professional grade equipment and supplies. Adding these tools and brooms broadens the Farmer Boy AG market base to include both their agricultural based and non-agricultural based customers.

Customers can visit or contact their Farmer Boy AG Supply Representative at (800) 845-3374 for more information.

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