New Program to Manage Workplace Violence Prevention Announced in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, FL, November 05, 2010 --( A new managed service program to manage the increasing workplace violence problems experienced by organizations across the country was unveiled today by a leading Florida risk assessment company.

The program, called the Workplace Violence Prevention Program (WVPP) was developed by a collaboration between several security assessment organizations, and includes innovative elements like web-based surveys for employees, customization for different kinds of organizations, including:

- Hospitals and Healthcare organizations
- Retail financial institutions including banks and credit unions
- Government agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels
- Large multi-national companies with overseas operations
- Retail including pharmacies, fast food chains and the hospitality industry

Workplace violence has been increasing and recent events include the shootings at a cracker factory in Philadelphia, the biology professors shot in Huntville, Alabama, the beer distribution center murders of nine co-workers in Connecticut, and many more. As well as experiencing worker violence, hospitals also deal with domestic violence attacks that are acted out in the workplace, increasing violence against doctors and nurses, and violent incidents from behaviorally disturbed patients in emergency departments across the nation.

As a result of the Risk Watch International’s extensive work with hospitals in the United States and around the world, workplace violence incidents come up in every security and threat assessment that has been conducted, no matter the size of the organization, or the income level of the community. The Workplace Violence Prevention Program came out of these experiences in over sixty hospitals, and after interviewing more than a thousand healthcare workers.

The program includes five major elements which incorporate the recommendations and guidelines from the Joint Commission, NIOSH, OSHA, CAL/OSHA, and contributions from a variety of states that have developed their own workplace violence guidelines, especially for hospitals, which violence has skyrocketed.

These elements, which are delivered as an annual managed service, include preparation of an initial workplace violence assessment report, creation of a custom workplace violence security policy, a web-based survey for employees, followed up with violence prevention training for all employees, a corrective action/mitigation plan that recommends and implements controls to further reduce violence, and then bi-annual assessments including benchmarking capabilities that compare organizations within similar industries automatically, based on our custom databases.

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