The November Issue of Energy Digital Uncovers Some Advanced Waste Treatment Technologies to Solve Harmful Landfill Issues

San Diego, CA, November 05, 2010 --( Energy Digital’s November issue answers the question, “Where does our trash go?” While this may not seem like the most exciting topic, it is an important one. Most don’t think about trash once it’s disposed of, but landfills are growing. Energy Digital takes a look at several new waste-treatment technologies that can help with issues that come from overflowing landfills.

California-based company, GaiaRecycle™, is well-established as a world leader within the organic waste recycling industry. The company has developed innovative technologies for transforming food scraps and other organic waste into high-quality soil amendments. Over 40 registered patents have been applied to the systems, which range in size, and are reported to reduce waste volume and weight by up to 90 percent.

Green Mountain Technologies has created a product line of composting systems, the newest and most advanced of which is the Earth Bin. This unique system is an extension of the Earth Tub, utilizing the same auger technology, with a much larger capacity and more automated controls, which are ideal features for use in large institutions, such as universities. Additionally, the unique, new system’s plug-flow technology significantly increases the amount of composting that can be done on a given footprint.

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