Trial Solutions Renames Its Online Review Software to OnDemand

Houston, TX, November 06, 2010 --( Trial Solutions (, an eDiscovery software company, announces a new brand name, OnDemand™, for its online document review software. OnDemand, formerly known as ImageDepot, is currently used by over fifty of the top 250 law firms including seven of the top ten. OnDemand provides easy access to documents via the internet while eliminating the client’s need to purchase review software.

“OnDemand is the same user-friendly review software that has supported our clients’ needs over the years as ImageDepot,” said Brad Jenkins, President and CEO of Trial Solutions. “Though all the features of the software remain the same, the brand name OnDemand better reflects Trial Solutions’ mission to offer on-demand eDiscovery solutions.”

About Trial Solutions
Trial Solutions, an electronic discovery software and services company in Houston, Texas, assists corporations and law firms in the collection, processing and review of electronic data. Trial Solutions developed OnDemand™, formerly known as ImageDepot™, an online e-discovery review application which is currently used by over fifty of the top 250 law firms including seven of the top ten. Trial Solutions also offers FirstPass™, an early case assessment and first-pass review application. Both applications are offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), where Trial Solutions licenses the applications to customers for use and provides access via the Internet. Trial Solutions provides litigation support services in over 90 metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Canada. Catch the latest eDiscovery news and tips at eDiscovery Daily (, Trial Solutions' industry blog. For more information about Trial Solutions, please visit



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