Best Ukrainian IT Employers 2010 Identified

IT Sourcing Europe announces the winners of the first Ukrainian rating of best IT employers in 2010.

Coventry, United Kingdom, November 10, 2010 --( Developers.Org.Ua, the Ukrainian online community of Software Developers and IT specialists, has recently finished its survey aimed to identify the best software development companies to work for in Ukraine.

The evaluation has been done voluntarily by the employees of the respective participating companies, while acted as an independent committee. The survey took the form of a questionnaire focused amongst other factors on such key aspects as salary level, career growth, corporate benefits, the team and coworkers. Almost 2650 responses were submitted from twenty participating companies from nine Ukrainian major software development cities.

Ciklum, a Danish IT outsourcing company that specializes in nearshore software development in Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine, has received the highest ranking amongst software development companies in Ukraine with 200+ employees. "Ciklum’s highest ranking in this survey shows that we are on the right track in what we choose to do for keeping our people happy. Adopting Agile and 'motivation 3.0' approaches blends very well with Ciklum’s own software development team model, allowing us to develop an open, learning and motivating environment, which is also appreciated by our employees – as became evident during this survey. And having professional and motivated employees is a crucial element of helping our Clients reach their business goals," comments Marina Vyshegorodskikh, Ciklum HR Director.

Sitecore Ukraine was ranked Ukraine’s best IT employer in the category of 50 to 200 employees and Initto ranked #1 in the category of up to 50 employees. The weighted average score spread between the first and the last places in the company rating is 25%, indicating that on average employees in the Ukrainian software development industry are satisfied with their job. Additionally, the results of the survery proved the current overview of the IT labour market situation in Ukraine. After the 2008-2009 recession period employees are interested in the job stability and on time salary payments. On the other hand, the high demand for middle and senior professionals forces IT companies operating in Ukraine to compete in salaries and projects’ uniqueness. Pleasant corporate atmosphere and work place are still amongst the Top 5 key employee’s selection factors when choosing an employer.


IT Sourcing Europe
Viktor Bogdanov