Desert Speed School Announces New Agility Training Program

Tucson, AZ, January 19, 2007 --( Murray Hicks, athletic performance director at Desert Speed School, has announced a new training program, agility training, that helps athletes make razor-sharp cuts, react and change directions at a moment’s notice. The athletes perform change-of-direction drills using cones, agility poles and an agility ladder, which helps build coordination and footspeed development. They will also improve upon speed and lateral mobility to help them become quicker off the line, first to the ball and faster up the field.

“I am pleased to offer this program,” said Hicks. “My hope is that athletes are able to improve their mobility to become better competitors.”

About Desert Speed School at Desert Sports and Fitness:
Desert Speed School at Desert Sports and Fitness specializes in training athletes of all ages and abilities, including professional and NFL combine athletes, and focuses on teaching students to run faster, get stronger, jump higher, improve agility, develop mental toughness, and enhance coordination and conditioning. Each athlete is evaluated with a state-of-the-art video analysis system used by several professional teams and which was also showcased at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy. Comprehensive evaluation by the elite staff of athletic performance trainers includes, but is not limited to, baseline data on agility, speed, explosive power, muscular endurance, upper body strength and vertical jump. The use of video analysis along with a variety of activities will help athletes to develop a kinesthetic awareness, which will allow them to control their bodies in different planes. For more information, call (520) 731-0276 or visit the Web site at

Patty Briguglio
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Desert Speed School
Patty Briguglio