Events & Every Day "Keeping the Healthier You in Mind"

Events and Every Day executive chef Ron Michaels thinks everyone in New York owes Mayor Bloomberg a big thanks.

New York, NY, January 20, 2007 --( “New law or not, I won’t be changing any of my recipes,” is how executive chef Ron Michaels frames his discussion of New York’s newly enacted trans-fat laws. “My menus have never contained trans-fats, and there’s no reason to have them in good, fresh food. I’m really glad that people are starting to realize for themselves how bad that stuff is. I think everyone owes Mayor Bloomberg a big thanks for doing them a favor.”

Chef Michaels takes pride in his kitchen, and will not hesitate to show off the ingredients he cooks with at Events & Every Day. “Healthy eating shouldn’t be a fad, it’s a lifestyle that helps you enjoy a better life. It’s all about making smart choices when you cook, and the same smart choices when you order someone else’s cooking. We call it 'Keeping the Healthier You in Mind.'”

There’s no margarine or lard to be found in the Events & Every Day catering kitchens, no abundance of sodium in their recipes, and no artificial anything. Refusing to use outside purveyors for most of his cold cut platters and sandwiches, Events & Every Day prepares all of the roast beef, roast turkey, and hams in-house. “It’s simple,” says the Chef, “my food is delicious, fresh, and healthy.”

Since its appearance on the New York corporate catering scene, Events & Every Day has become the choice for New York's most demanding executives. Whether the occasion calls for a great sandwich or a full-blown dining experience, Events and Every Day delivers in a manner that consistently satisfies and impresses.

Events & Every Day
Marsha Mann