Virima Announces Strategic Executive-Level Consulting Services

CxO Advisory Services Give Organizations Seasoned, Expert Insight into their IT Operations Strategy

Atlanta, GA, November 12, 2010 --( Virima Technologies, Inc. today announced the addition of CxO Advisory Services to its portfolio of solutions for data center transformation. Founded in 2005, Virima Technologies is an IT operations and data center software and solutions company that helps organizations align their IT operations with business strategy. Virima’s CxO Advisory Services focus on the business-side of IT. The executive level advisors leverage their “been there, done that” knowledge to help organizations identify the best new processes, applications, technologies and organizational changes needed to best align IT initiatives and spend with business strategy and goals.

Offering Strategic executive-level services catered to your business, CxO Advisory Services brings technology thought leadership to C-level Executives and Boards of Directors. Virima’s unique offerings provide senior executives the opportunity to gain trusted technology advice to ensure they have full visibility, understanding and a plan to address the technological implications of the initiatives they are considering. Virima’s expert advisors have a vast amount of knowledge, experience and a large network to draw from in order to guide executives through their strategic and operational needs. The advisors are former CIO/CTOs that hail from Fortune 50 to Fortune 5000 organizations, serving a variety of industries across the globe.

With all the belt-tightening going on in this economy, the demand for companies to find ways to consolidate and cut spending is great. A majority of IT Executives have never had to deal with an undertaking of this magnitude and will greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience an expert advisor would bring to the table. And with the length of such projects being years long, in some cases, it is essential to avoid putting off such projects in order to realize the benefits and cost savings as soon as possible.

“Often, IT Executives are given mandates to cut costs and streamline their operations, or they find themselves in the middle of a merger without a clear understanding of how to assess IT,” said Salil Kulkarni, COO/CIO at Virima Technologies. “Our advisors have been there and have done this on a global scale, in some cases. They are able to look at your organization with deep knowledge and a fresh perspective to help you make the best choices to cut costs while optimizing your IT operations.”

The key areas where Virima’s CxO Advisory Services can help include:

· Strategic Policy Orchestration
Virima advisors will develop a single policy in alignment with your organization's strategic business initiatives in relation to your technology infrastructure and compliance controls to the eliminate waste and inefficiencies that exist through tactical efforts and interrupt-driven operations.
· Business Technology Mapping
Virima's Business Technology Mapping service identifies your organization's core business functions and the underlying technology assets to determine quantitative contribution valuations and provide a superior understanding of significant accounts and assets to facilitate effective risk management.
· Compliance and Security Programs
Virima provides objective, third-party insights to help your organization achieve higher operational levels of maturity and verify regulatory and security compliance across all aspects of your business: internal, partners and sourcing providers.
· Gap Analysis
Virima advisors will conduct an enterprise-wide current- and target-state gap analysis with an action plan that reflects your organization's vision and obligation.
· Custom Technology Framework
Virima will develop a custom control framework that reflects the culture and business climate of your organization. The result is an industry-supported program that specifies the precise control safeguards and degree of assurance required by your company to remain competitive, successful and viable in the future.
· Mergers and Acquisitions
Virima will accurately assess a target company's IT assets and efficiently merge those assets with your company's IT infrastructure, while maintaining operations. Successful system convergence requires accurate information that accounts for the relationships between business functions and systems.

For more information about Virima’s CxO Advisory Services, or to schedule a consultation, please visit Virima online at

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