Surface Protection Experts at Builders Site Protection Announce Increase in Sales of Mobile Containment Units for Hospital Improvement Projects

The Surface Protection Experts at Builders Site Protection has increased sales of mobile containment units for hospital renovation and Maintenance, projects over the last quarter. Mobile containment units are designed to create a negative pressure environment to trap and contain dust that can be potentially hazardous to sensitive patient's health.

Vista, CA, November 12, 2010 --( Builders Site Protection was pleased to announce today that sales of mobile containment units have increased significantly in recent months due to an increase in hospital improvement projects across the country. Construction and maintenance activities in health care facilities can release potentially harmful particulates in the air that can severely affect the health of sensitive patients. Mobile containment units are designed to control dust during hospital improvement projects and to create negative pressure. Since air flows from areas of high pressure to low pressure, creating and maintaining negative pressure creates an inward airflow that traps and contains dust.

The Kontrol Kube™ is the most well-known mobile containment unit and is available in 8’ and 10’ fire-proof enclosures. It can be set up and dismantled in only two minutes, saving workers time and increasing efficiency. The Kontrol Kube™ is available with an added wheel base and HEPA filtered negative air machine, providing hospitals with a containment solution that can be deployed rapidly from location to location. Builders Site Protection also offers the Aire Guardian™ mobile containment system. The Aire Guardian™ enclosure is constructed from a high-quality reinforced-PVC material that is durable, lightweight, and fire-retardant. Although it is more expensive than the Kontrol Kube™, it has large zippered entry/exit doors on three sides and a larger containment area. It is capable of adjusting to any ceiling height from eight to ten feet for ceiling access and the interior is plenty large enough to accommodate a worker on a six or eight-foot ladder. Builders Site Protection offers mobile containment units and negative air machines at discounted prices.

Although mobile containment units are a highly effective method to prevent the spread of dust in hospitals, further steps are needed to ensure a clean work environment. Disposable protective clothing such as coveralls or shoe covers should be worn during all renovation activities and changed frequently. Sticky mats should be placed at each work area entry/exit to prevent the spread of dust by removing any particles that may cling to workers’ shoes. Hospitals often require the use of fire-resistant floor protection or plastic sheeting for renovation work. Fire resistant Coverguard™ floor protection, heavy-duty plastic sheeting, and fire-resistant corrugated plastic panels are also available through Builders Site Protection to meet these specifications.

If the hospitals or health care facilities undergoing renovation, construction, or maintenance activities were built before 1978, contactors must also test for the presence of lead-based paint. If lead is detected, remodelers must meet the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule. Builders Site Protection’s Lead Ready™ containment kit is an effective and inexpensive package deal that includes the personal protection, work area containment, and lead-dust clean up supplies needed to ensure RRP compliance. It also has EPA-certified Lead Check™ test swabs and informational ‘Renovate Right’ pamphlets to distribute to hospital administrators.

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