GameGlance Co., Ltd. Receives $2 million Investment from Chinese Consortium

Investment will help to strengthen the company's position in the in-game advertising industry.

Shanghai, China, January 21, 2007 --( GameGlance (, one of the leading in-game advertising solution providers in the Asia region, announced today it has secured a $2 million investment from a China based technology consortium.

The company will use the investment to strengthen its endeavors to increase awareness of the in-game advertising industry within the company’s operating arena of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and China. It will also further enable the company to maintain its operations, research, and to strengthen its infrastructure.

One of the attributes that attracted investors to GameGlance was the fact that the company is indigenous to their market. Kyn Steetler comments, “We are not a company that eyed Asia and got wide-eyes, after regional spending forecasts appeared, and said ‘Quick! – let’s get over there.’” We have been here, and started here in Asia – whereas everyone else is transplanting their operations. Our investors particularly value and recognize commitment, and that is something that we have shown them.”

GameGlance is regarded as being the first in-game advertising provider to enter the Asia market back in July of 2005. It is led by its founder and managing director - Christopher Koster. The embattled optimist has been almost wholly responsible for developing the in-game advertising industry in Asia. Koster shares his sentiments, “I keep waiting for another agency, or talent, to come over and share some of the work – but another year goes by, and we are still the only players on the field. Sometimes you want another team on the field because it makes you leaner and more competitive.” Then his optimism kicks in, “But we’re slowly making progress, and this investment is going to help turn-up the volume some.”

GameGlance primarily serves advertisers looking at entering their brands into the Asian markets. It also works with publishers at the development level to ensure that their titles are compatible and receptive to in-game placements. The company’s consulting services have grown over the last year and it is being retained by some companies to perform in-game environment surveys.

Most recently, GameGlance conducted a 15 month intelligence gathering analysis of one of NCsoft’s leading online titles: Lineage II, which is published in Thailand by NCTrue. The analysis was conducted for an advertising agency representing 6 advertisers interested in placing advertisements within the NCTrue framework. Devin Styles managed the project, “We were approached by this agency that basically said – go play Lineage II and then let us know if our brand would work with the title. We grinned, and then played like mad for about a year and collected a book of data on NCTrue’s Lineage II community and in-game environment that NCTrue promulgates.”

GameGlance will be releasing its summary on NCTrue / Lineage II soon. "It's an interesting study because it spans over a year for more than 6000 in-game playing hours." Styles adds, "I don't think anyone has ever conducted a review of a title to that extent before now." 

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GameGlance is an in-game advertising network committed to designing and deploying creative experiences that inspires consumers through compelling and engaging advertising. GameGlance’s strategic planning, design, advertising, production, and gaming experiences have quantified successes across an array of gaming formats and categories. The company articulates corporate brand strategy, designs creative solutions for advertising, below-the-line and in-game media, ensuring gaming audiences are vitally connected to every aspect of its client’s brand.

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