iSekurity and AIDPS Target Identity Theft in New England

AIDPS, an authorized iSekurity Identity Theft Protection distributor, announces expansion into the New England states.

Boston, MA, November 12, 2010 --( Thanks to AIDPS, an authorized iSekurity distributor, the nation’s most sought after Identity Theft protection is now being distributed in the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island Connecticut and Massachusetts.

“With iSekurity, we’re protecting people from the nation’s number one crime and opening a multitude of career opportunities all at the same time – all across New England,” states Eric Taubert, Director of Communications for Advanced identity Protection Services. "I’ve been talking with people all across the Northeast, and they’re just thrilled to have iSekurity’s unparalleled level of Identity Theft protection available for them and their families."

"Don’t believe the false promises," continues Taubert. "There is no computer program. No banking institution. No credit card company. And no Identity Theft protection company with the power to stop Identity Theft from occurring. If you do not stop the criminal, you cannot stop the crime."

iSekurity is the only Identity Theft Security firm utilizing the nation’s largest team of former Federal Agents (Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA, Customs) who do everything possible to prevent future damage by identifying the criminal responsible and assisting in their arrest and prosecution…and they back it all up with a unique guarantee…If iSekurity does not identify the perpetrator within 12 months of the launch of their investigation, they will pay you a $10,000 Reverse Bounty Guarantee.

In addition they take all the steps to restore your good name and credit, they provide you with up to $25,000 in Identity Restoration costs, and they provide annual proactive monitoring in the form of their SeKure Scan SM “life history” report which is compiled from over 1,000 proprietary data sources. iSekurity offers a previously unheard of level of Identity Theft protection at less than the cost of all their major competitors.

With iSekurity's expansion into New England, they will also be actively recruiting for seasoned independent sales managers and sales representatives. This is an excellent opportunity for sales professionals all across New England to delve into a long term and rewarding career with a BBB accredited company on the path to national success. A career tour is available at the AIDPS training and recruitment website located at

Advanced Identity Protection Services
Eric Taubert