How to Avoid Internet Marketing Misery

Most internet marketers fail to achieve the kinds of success shared by just a few people. The difference is that the successful ones follow a plan.

Reading, United Kingdom, January 22, 2007 --( Most people trying to make money online fail to do so. In spite of following advice from a plethora of gurus, few people actually earn any serious money online. According to a new study of would-be Internet marketers in the UK, 98% of them had failed to earn any real money in spite of spending thousands on books, CDs and DVDs to learn from the experts.

"It's interesting to see that so many people want to earn a decent living online, from the comfort of their own home," said Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones. "However, what's fascinating is why so many people don't succeed at Internet marketing. The failure rate is much higher than for traditional businesses," he added.

One of the reasons, according to Mr Jones, is that expectations are higher and that leads to a lack of proper planning. "Because there are high publicity success stories, people assume that making money online is straightforward. This leads them to avoid difficult behaviours, like planning and project management," said psychologist Mr Jones.

He added that his research has shown that those who succeed online put in similar amounts of effort to a traditional "bricks and mortar" business. Indeed, the study showed that often the most successful entrepreneurs put in more effort to their online business than a similar offline business would have spent on it.

"The concept of making money while you sleep, or while you drink cocktails on the beach, is romantic," said Mr Jones. "What my research shows is that the leading Internet entrepreneurs are hard workers; in particular they are meticulous in their planning and management of each aspect of their online business."

The "earn while you sleep" notion, combined with the deep desire to earn more without additional effort means that people rarely put in the detailed work required to succeed online, says psychologist Jones.

"Luckily, I have just found a report which will help people focus their entrepreneurial efforts so they can gain more success," said Mr Jones. The report shows would-be Internet entrepreneurs how to focus their efforts to gain more likelihood of success.

"Anyone wanting to make it more likely they will succeed with an online business should read this report," said Mr Jones.

The report, called "The Magic Formula" is neither magic, nor a formula. However, it is, says Mr Jones, solid advice which will help entrepreneurs. "It's so good, I wish I had written it," he said.

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