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Baytown, TX, November 13, 2010 --( DemandLogix Partner Program Launched.

DemandLogix brings on latest Sales Partner.

SAI, Inc. Joins The Demandlogix Business Partner Program.

Program Provides SAI, Inc. Clients with Effective and Affordable Services offerings to Build Strong, Lasting Customers.

DemandLogix today announced that it is proud to welcome SAI, Inc. to the DemandLogix Business Partner Program. As a DemandLogix Business Partner, SAI clients gain access to lead generation and customer acquisition services, event marketing, and sales services to help them build there sales pipeline and gain market share.

"Our customers need more effective ways to generate quality sales leads and customers on a consistent basis and our choice to partner with the leader in outsourced sales and lead generation gives our clients a valuable addition to the services we offer," said Rez Walker, President and CEO. DemandLogix smooth process and affordability, combined with the quality customer support, coaching, and advice that the company provides through online webinars, and in-person seminars, convinced us that the DemandLogix Partner Program was the right solution to meet our clients' marketing needs." Additionally, Mr. Walker says his organization offers guidance to the first time customers or, if the client so desires, the complete managerial from start to finish of the customer acquisition process.

Today, the DemandLogix Business Partner Program helps thousands of mostly small businesses offer their clients the power and impact of appointment setting, lead generation, event marketing, and sales outsourcing. Every DemandLogix Business Partner receives revenue sharing, online reporting for customers, and free DemandLogix databases. In addition, each partner gains access to a partner extranet for marketing and promotional tools, content, as well as materials to educate its client base on the benefits of outbound lead generation efforts through target cold calling and lead generation.

With DemandLogix, SAI clients can quickly and easily jump start there sales teams numbers with quality sales meetings that are setup with decision makers and exectives. We closely measure the project campaign results from number of dials to conversation rates and leads generated.

About SAI
SAI, Inc., founded in 1994, is a full-service marketing business that offers sales coaching and consulting, web site design/creation/management, and management consulting.

About DemandLogix, Inc.

With more than 120 employees, DemandLogix, Inc. is a leading provider of sales lead and appointment generation, event marketing for complex sale businesses. Founded in 2002, DemandLogix helps organizations grow stronger sales pipelines by delivering professional, low cost, sales appointments and lead generation programs. DemandLogix is a privately held company with offices located in Baytown, TX and Houston, TX. To learn more, please visit

DemandLogix is a leading provider of performance based lead generation and sales appointment generation services for B2B and Technology businesses worldwide.

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