Competitive Bodybuilder Todd Scarborough Shares His Winning Joint-Health Secrets in "Healthy Living" Magazine

Two-time Mr. Arkansas champion attributes his competitive edge to hyaluronic acid supplements from Hyalogic

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2010 --( “The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living” magazine (also known as “Healthy Living”) announced today that it will feature an article about natural joint health by Todd Scarborough, competitive bodybuilder for nearly 30 years and two-time holder of the Mr. Arkansas bodybuilding title. In the article, Todd delivers this message to bodybuilders, power lifters and other power athletes: Hyaluronic acid works. The monthly magazine will be distributed to health food stores nationwide in November.

In the “Healthy Living” article entitled “No Shock—HA Gives High-level Athletes Competitive Edge,” Todd explains how, at 46, he is still winning bodybuilding contests. “One thing I have learned from competing at the highest levels of competitive sports is that our joints and connective tissue are critical to our performance,” Todd says. “When it comes to joint resiliency, hyaluronic acid (HA) is where it is at. HA is absolutely critical to joint health for high-level athletes and just about anybody else interested in staying mobile with healthy pain-free living. Whether you are running, lifting weights or doing aerobics, shock to the joints causes wear and tear and inflammation. Only HA, which is essential to human health, addresses resiliency and reduces inflammation.”

Todd details for readers his joint-health regimen and what to look for in a high-quality HA product. In addition to joint-health nutrients such as glucosamine sulfate and methylsulfonylmethane that help rebuild cartilage, he credits Hyalogic’s line of HA joint-care supplements (his favorite because they use high-molecular-weight bioidentical HA) with helping him to avoid shock and keep the spring in his step. Specifically, Todd uses Hyalogic’s Synthovial Seven pure HA and Connectagen lozenge with additional joint-health nutrients, taking 10 to 20 milligrams daily. In addition, he recommends Myodurance from Hyalogic for highly competitive athletes to support muscle performance, power output and normal recovery time after strenuous activity.

“HA is a superb nutrient,” Todd says. “This is one of my favorite ways of supporting joint health. It works for me. I know it will work for you.”

About Hyalogic
Hyalogic, the leader in hyaluronic acid, offers joint-care supplements for humans and animals as well as a full line of personal care products with premium HA, produced by an advanced biotechnology method. Hyalogic’s personal care and supplement brands include Synthovial Seven, Myodurance, Connectagen, CardiacPower 4, hylavision, Episilk, HylaMist and Hylasoak. Hyalogic’s animal supplement brands are Hyalun, Hyalun Gel, EquiDurance and EquiLogic for horses and HyaFlex for companion animals such as the family dog or cat.

Hyalogic is a global research-driven company that has over 20 years combined experience in healthcare products and services. Hyalogic’s headquarters is in Riverside, Missouri, USA, and the company has an extensive network of distributors and dealers located throughout the United States and internationally. Hyalogic partners with several healthcare professionals across the country to conduct cutting-edge research on the uses of hyaluronic acid and its benefits to the human body. Learn more at

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