Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)
Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)

Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc. Announces New Chairman & CEO

Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) ( has appointed M.G. Urbanski to head up its group’s holding activities.

Sarasota, FL, November 20, 2010 --( Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) ( has appointed M.G. Urbanski to head up its group’s holding activities. Mr. Urbanski formally served as Principal Partner for Sarasota Venture Group (SVG,, and has decided to step down from that position to pursue GTG interests on a full time basis.

Urbanski has overseen SVG’s involvement and investment in GTG since its conception in 2008. Urbanski was one of the first three executives at Alphatec in the early nineties. He served multiple executive roles, and created and designed a majority of the early Alphatec product portfolio. Alphatec later was acquired by HealthPoint Capital for over $80 million.

Urbanski then created an entire spinal product portfolio for Advanced Technologies in San Francisco which sold as an asset purchase to an interim device company and ultimately became the basis for what is now DePuy Spine. Urbanski was recruited by Mackowski & Shepler (private San Francisco VC firm) and became involved in the early founding of KMI (Kinetikos Medical Inc.) in San Diego, including creation of its products and was the driving force behind targeting a market niche in the small bone sub-segment of orthopaedics. Urbanski also served as Executive Vice President of KMI before starting his own device company. KMI later sold to Integra Life Sciences for over $40 million plus stock holdings, and remains a strong player in the small bone segment.

Urbanski has considerable experience in executive management, new business development and product development. With more than twenty-five years experience in the aerospace and medical device industry, he served in progressively responsible engineering and executive positions with several high profile corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop, General Dynamics and on through medical device companies such as Alphatec, Advanced Technologies, KMI, Orthoe and Blue Planet. Urbanski has founded or co-founded five medical device companies, and served as Chairman and/or CEO/President within four of those entities. He has provided several technology start-ups with a solid platform for success in the marketplace and brought leadership and innovation to those companies he served.

With thirty-eight patents and over forty-four FDA clearances, he has a unique understanding of medical device technology and the development of products in conjunction with leading surgeon inventors. In late 2008, SVG requested his oversight on a new idea for a venture that entailed a comprehensive business model applied to the medical device sector. The GTG business model mitigates investor risk by offering investment in several high growth medical technology niches via the GTG holding group and promotes platform management of acquired cutting edge technologies and intellectual properties.

“I feel privileged to have this opportunity and I sense a great deal of excitement within the organization over the technologies we are developing. Our corporate focus is unique in that we seek out technologies and/or products that fit within our Company’s mission statement to provide minimally invasive technologies (MIS) that are considered minimal by nature of device, trauma to patient, cost to healthcare system and/or overall treatment philosophy of the operating surgeon and/or practicing physician. Several of GTG’s acquisitions in conjunction with its spotlight on biologically augmented devices are a perfect example of our relentless innovation and pursuit of MIS technology which builds value for shareholders and advances the state of treatment for patients worldwide,” stated Urbanski.

GTG is a technologies-driven, research-based private holding group exclusively focused on the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal device sector. GTG provides surgeons and health professionals with clinically relevant, innovative and cost-effective products that improve the quality of life for patients. They focus on devices and procedures that are minimally invasive in nature and therefore, less traumatic to the patient. GTG’s subsidiary product lines include biologic, orthopaedic, spine, neurosurgical and other musculoskeletal devices and/or procedures that are indicated for repair, reconstruction and regeneration of bones, joints and surrounding soft tissues. GTG is researching and developing non-invasive procedures and treatments for osteoporosis and other age related degenerative diseases. It’s committed to the development of pre-operative, operative and post- operative procedures, devices and monitoring systems that reduce cost while providing surgeon and patient less traumatic surgical intervention options.

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Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)
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