Maryland Settlement Loans Becomes MSL and Goes Nationwide

Waldorf, MD, November 22, 2010 --( Maryland Settlement Loans, working in the Capital District area, has taken their pre-settlement cash advance business nationwide via the internet. MSL’s Vice-President, Nazee Rad, says, "The timing was perfect for taking the business across the country." With over fifteen years of success in the industry she couldn’t be more right.

Maryland Settlement Loans has been providing the Washington D.C. area with cash advances on pending lawsuits for 15 years now. MSL works with the lawyers and their clients to remove some of the financial hardship associated with a case that could take years to settle. Ms. Rad is adamant that "No person who has suffered personal injury or any kind of injustice should be forced to settle quickly for the simple fact that they should have the money now to support themselves and their families."

Rad is also announcing that, "If you don’t win your case, you are under no obligation to pay the cash advance back. MSL takes all the risk when helping clients and their attorneys alike."

They put their firm's service out there on the internet with a website in order to extend their years of experience to thousands of more people who need the money in their hands today. The MSL toll free number, 1-888-499-6770, makes it even easier for clients and lawyers to get in contact with a company that can help.

• Lawyers and their clients need cash in their hands today to keep fighting for the settlement they deserve.
• Sometimes these types of lawsuits can go on for years leaving the injured party feeling desperate for some kind of financial relief.
• A pre-settlement cash advance can give people tied up in a lawsuit that promises a settlement the money they need as soon as today.

The MSL team can provide a cash advance on active lawsuits in the following types of cases: workers compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury, auto accident, slip and fall, product liability, fraud, breach of contract, employment discrimination, wrongful death and pharmaceutical litigation.

For more information on how Maryland Settlement Loans can immediately help you visit their website at or call toll free at 1-888-499-6770. It is a service that has become even more necessary in today's economic turmoil.

Maryland Settlement Loans can also provide pre-settlement cash advances to assist attorneys in trying to get the best settlement possible for their clients without having to worry about how they are going to keep the office lights on. Visit the website page geared specifically towards an attorney's particular needs.

Maryland Settlement Loans (MSL) provides cash advances to lawyers and their clients based on their current lawsuits. Low, low interest rates make it easy for almost anyone (review of the case required) to get cash in their hands quickly.

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Brenda Simard