The Reluctant Gourmet Adds 2010 Thanksgiving Guide

Tips, Tricks, Recipes and More for the Home Cook on the Biggest Meal of the Year - Thanksgiving

Philadelphia, PA, November 20, 2010 --(, the culinary guide for home cooks, has been providing culinary tips, recipes, techniques and more since 1997. The site is also known for being a great resource for home cooks during the biggest meal of the year - Thanksgiving. The Reluctant Gourmet’s Thanksgiving tips and recipes have been well received in the past, and this year is no exception. This year, the Reluctant Gourmet is showcasing all of its Thanksgiving relevant information onto one, organized Thanksgiving Guide. Visitors to the Reluctant Gourmet will be able to find all of the information they need to cook a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner all on one page.

Ever wonder how to make delicious turkey gravy from the pan the turkey cooks in? Or how to properly brine a turkey for a wonderfully juicy bird? Or how to make the perfect mashed potatoes to your liking? The Reluctant Gourmet Thanksgiving Guide has all of these answers and much more. From light appetizers to delectable desserts, visitors will find all the Thanksgiving fixings on the Reluctant Gourmet Thanksgiving Guide.

The 2010 Thanksgiving Guide will contain several organized sections, ensuring that every home cook has time to prepare the menu, plan out the cooking and have a breezy Thanksgiving Day. Sections include: Appetizers, Salad, Entrée (The Bird), Turkey Tips, Gravy, Side Dishes, Desserts and Leftovers. Appetizers include a Pumpkin soup recipe as well as some purees. The salad section features seasonal French pears, mesclun, toasted pine nuts and Gorgonzola. The entrée section includes the perfect roasted turkey recipe as well as the grilled turkey on the barbecue recipe. The largest section, the turkey tips, are not to be missed. From brining to roasting to stuffing, these turkey tips are necessary for any home cook on the largest culinary day of the year. The gravy section includes two recipes, both very easy to make and delicious.

What’s Thanksgiving without the side dishes? The Reluctant Gourmet side dishes section includes recipes for everything you’ll need on the table, from the cranberry sauce to the perfect mashed potatoes. The dessert section features recipes from the classic pumpkin pie to a decadent Tiramisu. The final section, Leftovers, includes recipes for all of your leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Tired of leftover turkey sandwiches? Try a turkey soup with winter veggies or the famous Deer Valley turkey chili.

The Reluctant Gourmet wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hopes every home cook achieve culinary success this holiday season. You can find The Reluctant Gourmet’s Thanksgiving Guide at

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