Sustainable Sourcing Introduces New Uses for Himalayan Salt with HimalaSalt™ Green Channel

Great Barrington, MA, November 21, 2010 --( Sustainable Sourcing, creator of high-quality Himalayan salt products, has introduced video demonstrations on their HimalaSalt Green Channel.

Sustainable Sourcing is best known to chefs and home cooks for their Himalayan pink salt, HimalaSalt, available in fine grain, coarse grain, Himalayan crystal salt chunks and cubes. Melissa Kushi, founder and president of Sustainable Sourcing, has set out to show consumers new and creative ways to incorporate Himalayan salt into a healthy lifestyle.

“Consumers can now experience the healing benefits of Himalayan salt in our Artisan Himalayan cooking slabs, plates, bowls, and our newly introduced Himalayan salt cups,” says Kushi. “We've also created HimalaRose™ Healing Rituals, which includes Himalayan organic bath salts and massage stones, for our consumers looking to relax and detox in the comfort of a home spa.”

The HimalaSalt Green Channel, which was designed to bring creative ways to use Himalayan salt products, entertaining ideas, and healthy, eco-gourmet recipes, features a step-by-step guide for effective Himalayan Salt Massage at Himalayan salt massage stones are used to alkalize, gently purify toxins, release stress and tension, relax tired muscles, alleviate aches and pains, all while exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Each stone is handcrafted and can be heated in the microwave or oven for a soothing and relaxing Himalayan salt experience. Stones can also be cooled in the refrigerator or freezer to relieve pain from sports injuries or reduce body temperature on a hot day. HimalaRose Healing Rituals organic bath salts, available in natural lavender or rose scents, assist in deeper healing when used in a warm bath following the massage.

To support overall health and wellness, HimalaSalt offers Himalayan pink salt-carved bowls, plates, cups and bowls for cooking and serving, all of which make beautiful additions to quick, healthy meals and offer an elegant yet healthy alternative for entertaining and serving a variety of foods. The HimalaSalt Green Channel provides step-by-step videos on how to care for and use their artisan carved plates, bowls and cups, which contain more than 80 essential trace elements and minerals from salt derived from 250 million years of completely natural elemental creation.

Himalayan salt plates and bowls can be chilled in the freezer for unique dinner and dessert options. Consumers can browse through an array of videos showcasing the chilled plates and bowls on The Green Channel Instructions on preparing organic watermelon skewers on a Himalayan salt block or organic sorbet and organic cucumber salad using Himalayan salt bowls can be found.

Alternatively, the plates and slabs can be heated on a stove or grill for a quick, healthy cooking alternative. Recipes and instructions for shrimp and scallops made on Himalayan salt blocks can be found on the Green Channel.

Sustainable Sourcing’s newest products are their Himalayan salt cups. They can be chilled to serve sorbet, shrimp cocktail, fruit skewers or specialty drinks which can be found online at Candles placed in the cups bring out the hues and natural patterns of the hand-carved Himalayan Salt and add a warm, rosy glow to any room.

All of Sustainable Sourcing’s products are produced in their own certified organic, Kosher Passover certified processing facility in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of New England. The company donates five percent of their profits to the environment, and all products are made with certified Green-e wind power.

Products are available for purchase online at and are available at Whole Foods, Wegman’s Fresh Markets and other natural and gourmet stores. For more information on Sustainable Sourcing, their products, business practices or Green Channel, please contact Jessica Burfield at Libra Design and Media, 608-557-9337, or

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