Jeff Vankooten Announces Communication Workshops and Resource for Business Owners

Jeff Vankooten, a motivational speaker for over 25 years, is sharing his public speaking secrets through his communication workshops and resource which aim to help business owners and speaking enthusiasts enhance their communication effectiveness.

Denver, CO, November 21, 2010 --( Through his website,, Vankooten offers tips and advice on clear communication and public speaking. By simply going to the website and filling out the form with a first name and a valid email address, anyone can have free instant access to the special report on the "7 Essentials Every Speaker Needs To Know." According to Jeff, these 7 essentials "have been discovered through trial and error and have proven their overall effectiveness." He went on to say that "embracing these essentials will put you on a road far ahead of the other speakers that don't know about them."

Vankooten's report on the 7 essentials include:

- The general rule of thumb in public speaking

- The proper approach to the task of speaking

- How to make a very clear point when speaking

- How to speak in such a way that can demand respect and attention

- How to become someone worth listening to

- How to give light, color, and clarity when communicating with the audience

- The role of visual messages in the communication process

- The dynamics of persuasive speaking

- The keys to successful speaking

Vankooten says he is "saddened by speakers who have a message clamoring to get out and make a difference, but they just couldn't articulate it clearly or deliver it dynamically." Fortunately, Jeff Vankooten wants that to cease. According to him, "Ideas deserve the best communication possible."

Aside from the free special report, Jeff Vankooten also offers communication workshops to a wide variety of audience. Through the contact form on his website,, it would be easier for people and organizations to make inquiries or to book him for speaking engagements.

Jeff Vankooten