ZibZoom Keyword Auction Website Offers People the Opportunity to Share in the $100+ Billion Dollar Keyword Ownership Industry

A new website has just been launched offering investors, entrepreneurs, and people looking to make money online by allowing them to bid and buy a piece of the Internets most profitable real estate... search engine keywords.

Denver, CO, November 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The website, http://HaroldKurtOnline.com, is a new and unique online auction site. Based on the advancement of search engine technology, this site allows the business owner keyword ownership and allows you to share in the revenues with the company by simply bidding for words in their keyword auction site.

Paul Birdsall, well-known for his Internet marketing knowledge and history of success in the online business industry, is the President & CEO of Zibzoom.com. Birdsall states, “Until now, The 'other' search engine giants have kept all of the billions of dollars in revenue for themselves and never share any to their users. They are making billions off of the online users actions and keeping it all. ZibZoom.com shares the revenues that are generated by its members through 'keyword auctions'. This is unique for search engines and the Internet. Who other than ZibZoom.com gives its members back a percentage of the revenues?”

With the creation of ZibZoom.com and the keyword ownership program, entrepreneurs and investors of all types can earn income online. Birdsall also states, “What’s more is that the keyword ownership opportunity is unique in the fact that people can make money without having to sell or recruit others into the opportunity.”

Birdsall recommends this site to every person looking to generate income online that doesn't want all the regular hassles associated with most opportunities (selling or recruiting) and to every entrepreneur looking to create multiple streams of income over the Internet.

For more information about keyword ownership or the zibzoom keyword actions, visit http://HaroldKurtOnline.com.

Harold Kurt