Food Truck Marketing: The Brainchild Group Goes Mobile, Literally

The Brainchild Group is excited to announce the launch of Social Media and SEO campaigns specifically designed for food trucks, which are crafted by marketing professionals with a true passion for food.

Los Angeles, CA, November 25, 2010 --( The Brainchild Group, a collection of marketing professionals and foodies, is excited to announce the launch of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing campaigns for food trucks around the world. You asked for it, and it’s finally here.

The Brainchild Group is best known for implementing revolutionary, catchy online marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to top restaurants to Fortune 500 companies. Such expertise is combined with a true passion for food to produce marketing campaigns that connect and interact with food lovers on a personal, transparent, informative level.

Operating in the heart of Los Angeles, California, The Brainchild Group has seen the food truck scene explode in recent years, and is intimately connected to the culture, which provides for a competitive edge over run-of-the-mill marketing companies. As Aaron Schoenberger, the company’s Founder, stated: "We are marketers by day, and gastronomes by night. We consistently test ourselves not only in the marketing arena, but also in the kitchen."

Food trucks interested in learning more about The Brainchild Group’s food truck Social Media Marketing and food truck SEO services should call 310-876-0874 x1 or email

The Brainchild Group is an SEO and Social Media Marketing company that’s globally known for creating innovative, forward-thinking online advertising campaigns for top restaurants, Olympic athletes, actors, musicians and Fortune 500 companies among many other businesses. The Brainchild Group is considered by many industry professionals as being one of the leading new age advertising agencies, which is backed by years of statistics and success.

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