Gotta Groove ft. DJ Teresa – THE REMIXES Vol 1 EP Available on December 10, 2010

A remixes collection of “Gotta Groove ft. DJ Teresa” captures the new sounds of house music.

Tampa, FL, November 26, 2010 --( Roja Records announces the release of “Gotta Groove ft. DJ Teresa” THE REMIXES Vol 1 on December 10, 2010. This volume showcases some of the newest and underground sounds of house music from Ibiza and Europe featuring remixes from Pete Maguire (Ireland), Michael Fiorente (Italy), Ginobeat (Hawaii, USA), Matt Funk (Malta) and Kaéfe (Spain).

“Gotta Groove” is DJ Teresa’s ode to house music with strong, captivating lyrics and enticing saxophone hooks. The remix package contains a variety of House styles which begins with Pete Maguire, who was given the tall task of creating a “Cocoon Ibiza” style track. He pulled it off with finesse, creating a dub version that eloquently uses the sax and bass in funky and unique ways, while the breakdowns have the feel of the crowd noise generated by an electrically charged soccer game. Michael Fiorente has delivered a peak hour vocal track with a powerful synth hook and driving four-four beat that has received feedback as the best track on the release.

Ginobeat’s remix is perfect for any Ibiza sunset with Latin inspired percussion and artistic use of both sax and vocals. With a strong bass line and powerful vocals, Matt Funk’s Remix oozes a hint of rock & roll influence with true cross-over potential and is already receiving radio air play in Malta and compilation licensing requests from prominent labels such as Ga Ga Records ( Finishing out the EP is a funky tech house version, the “Kaéfe is Rockin Rules Mix”, which cleverly samples the vocals and sax for a fun track to make the crowd bounce.

Feedback and Support

- “I will definitely play the Pete Maguire remixs of Gotta Groove. I love this track.” - Jeff Vaz,
- “Matt Funk’s remix of Gotta Groove is a great track that I would like to license for a compilation on Ga Ga Records.” - Salah,
- “The Gotta Groove remix package is exceptional. I am getting great feedback on these tracks during my radio shows and performances.” - DJ Zero Splash, Ibiza Spain
- "Beautiful vocal drop! That lead is really hooking me, love how you incorporated it! It truly hooked me in really quick. Michael Fiorente’s is my favorite of all the Gotta Groove remixes, very good work!" - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA
- "I love Ginobeat's tech house vibe in the Gotta Groove remix. Such a great track! I would rock both of these out a lot! Great work!" - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA

DJ Teresa Bio

With a penchant for rhythmic complexity, organic instrumentation and unique, captivating vocals, Teresa is a natural at working the floor into a frenzy that leaves everyone wanting more. Her strong desire to make and share great new music with the world drives her to the leading edge of the hottest trends in house music and ensures that her case is always full of the rarest new stuff from around the globe.

Focusing on Tech House and highly influenced by the Ballearic Sounds of Ibiza, Teresa delivers a range of House that sounds funky, Latin, minimal, underground or even sometimes hard driving as she moves fluidly from style to style to capture and keep a dance floor.

After completing three tours to Spain in less than 18 months, Teresa has developed a distinct sound that brings the heart of Ibiza to every performance. Teresa has played at five different venues in Ibiza that include The Orange Corner, Eden Rooms, Viva, Godfathers and the world-renowned Club Es Paradis and at the Urania Disco in Montijo Spain on the mainland.

In 2010, Teresa melded her growing experience and influences into two different event brands as Official Events of the Winter Music Conference; Ibiza Beach, which captures the sound and experience of Ibiza and ECxEU=HOUSE which is a showcase of both East Coast and European up and coming talent.

As a producer, Teresa has generated sales for her releases in more than 23 countries and shows no sign of slowing down, with the launch of her own label, Roja Records in 2010. Her current releases include , “Gotta Groove - THE REMIXES”, “Gotta Groove ft. DJ Teresa”, “To Spain With Love” EP featuring remixes by DJ Salah Fariat (Ga Ga Records), Kriss Dek (Ga Ga Records) and Bobby Harrison, “i AM optimistic” EP, and a Tech House / Minimal mixed compilation titled Minimal House Beach. Her releases are available on, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other major online retailers.

Currently, she is a resident DJ at Mangroves in Tampa and on The Terrace at Jackson’s Bistro for PM Noctem Events. The Saturday night parties at Jackson’s are the top destination for the hottest Miami and International House in the greater Tampa Bay area, bringing in top talent such as Chus & Ceballos, Josh Gabriel, David Tort, Patrick M, Oscar G, Saeed Younan and Austin Leeds, just to name a few.

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