Goscor Power Products Launch Auto Transfer Switch

Goscor power products announced the launch of an auto transfer switch (ATS) enabling the use of redundant power sources during power outages

Johannesburg, South Africa, January 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In 2006, South Africa experienced severe power outages throughout the year. Industrial, commercial and household generators were in high demand, which resulted in many entrepreneurs grabbing the opportunity, sourcing generators from all over the world. In most cases these distributors were not educated about the proper procedures to establish client needs in order to supply generators that meet those needs. Needless to say, many clients ended up disappointed with the products they purchased.

Goscor power products saw this client dissatisfaction as an opportunity to develop a system, which will provide clients with uninterrupted power supply, whether you run a household or a small business.

The launch of the Goscor power products ATS series (Auto transfer switches) enables the use of redundant power sources such as small generator power systems feeding into the mains DB for emergency power supply. In layman’s terms, the ATS will monitor the main power supply, fire up the generator and transfer the power supply from Eskom to the generator in case of power failure.

During the power failure the ATS monitors the Eskom power supply and switch back and transfer power to the main source of power supply (Eskom) when it is available again.

The ATS does have a 5 second delay before the generator is activated – during this 5 second delay the use of a UPS system is recommended. Switching back to Eskom power, a 10 ms delay will be experienced. These delays are however not out of the ordinary as far as electrical equipment is concerned and should not be a problem.

Auto transfer switches are available as standard hardwire configurations for 10KVA generators in a wall mount box. The petrol model has a choke control that chokes the engine for cold starting, with a 3-start attempt.

A similar auto transfer switch has been developed for diesel generators. Both petrol and diesel units are supplied with 3m cable length. Users also have the option not to use the ATS as it is supplied with an on/off switch.

“By installing a transfer switch at your breaker box and connecting a portable generator to the transfer switch, you can run selected appliances such as a refrigerator, television, computer, printer or lighting circuit during a power outage, depending on the capacity of your generator. Since many home standby generators cannot handle all of these loads at the same time, the transfer switch allows you to manually transfer each of these loads separately by switching in and out different circuit breakers whenever you need them. Please always ensure that your transfer switches and transfer panels are installed by a qualified electrician familiar with residential wiring and electrical codes,” says Justin Kitson, Manager at Goscor power products.

The media and other interested parties are invited to visit www.engines-forestry.co.za for more information about generators and transfer switches that are available.

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