SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer from Proceq Asia

Singapore, Singapore, November 28, 2010 --( Proceq has combined the best of Original Schmidt with the most advanced technology to create the new SilverSchmidt concrete test hammer.

The SilverSchmidt offers a virtually maintenance free, lightweight and compact construction.

This next generation concrete hardness testing tool combines an electronic display and advanced mechanics with true rebound coefficient that automatically converts to compressive strength.


Concrete Hardness Testing Hammer by Proceq

* Suitable for testing a wide variety of concrete, mortar and rock
* Ideally suited for on-site testing
* Handy for difficult to access or confined test areas (i.e. working overhead)
* Especially convenient for testing on tunnel linings as measurements are independent of impact direction
* Assessment on young, soft concrete with mushroom plunger (to indicate when to remove forms or for formwork)

Features of Silverschmidt

Concrete Testing Hammer - SilverSchmidt by Proceq

* Measurement inherently independent of impact direction, meaning no directional corrections are necessary
* High measuring accuracy due to differential optical absolute velocity encoder
* Conversion curves for a wide range of compressive concrete strengths, including low fc (<10 N/mm2, 1’450 psi) and high strength concrete (up to 100 N/mm2, 14’500 psi)
* Simple operation with "one-button", combined with advanced tilt and twist technology user interface
* Language independent graphical menu with symbols
* Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (MPa, N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi)


* Simple operation with the "one button" user interface
* Language independent through the use of graphic user interface
* Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (MPa, N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi)
* Various statistics to comply with standards or user specified procedures
* Custom presets of test parameters for various testing scenarios can be stored and later recalled
* Quick review of previous measurements

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