M2B World Debuts “The Hollywood Reporter TV 80” Vignette Series

The Hollywood Reporter TV 80” vignette series to launch in February; M2B expands U.S. Headquarters to better service advertisers and subscribers.

Hollywood, CA, January 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- M2B World Inc. (“M2B World”), U.S. subsidiary of Amaru, Inc. (AMRU), has partnered with The Hollywood Reporter to launch “The Hollywood Reporter TV 80” vignette series for distribution on Internet and broadband platforms. 

The 80-second vignettes will offer viewers up-to-the-minute news on the business of entertainment, Hollywood celebrities, movie premieres, box office results and other trends in show business, drawing on the editorial resources of the industry’s oldest daily entertainment newspaper. The series debuts February 2007 and will be available 24/7 and updated three times a week.

M2B World Inc. and “Hollywood Reporter TV 80” executive producers Ettore Botta and Brooks Parsons previewed the vignettes on Wednesday – Jan 24th - during a party to inaugurate M2B World’s newly expanded headquarters on Sunset Boulevard. 

This expanded headquarters will enable M2B to continue servicing its advertisers and subscribers with the utmost in quality programming and broadband technology. With over 3,200-square feet, M2B has created a M2Btv Showroom of style and sophistication, with classic film posters, plush seating, and hi-tech plasma screens and PONY boxes constantly displaying all that M2B has to offer. In addition, M2B has added an in-house calling center to better service its expanding subscriber base, as well as a Graphic Design Department and Video Editing Suite (complete with its own in-house servers) to provide advertisers with an attractive “one-stop shop” appeal. 

M2Btv and PONY, recognized as the “ultimate lifestyle choice,” is the first-of-its-kind. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this Broadband TV service enables subscribers to access over 50 channels of video on-demand programming, along with other unique features available through the PONY, including:

* “Face2Face” - user-friendly Video Conferencing at no extra charge; 
* “Video Mail” - live video recording of a subscriber’s message; 
* “Shopping” – online shopping services; 
* “Travel” – online travel guides and booking services; 
* “Internet” – the expected standard for Internet browsing; 
* “Karaoke” – on demand instrumental music; and 
* “Games” – casual interactive games including Suduko

Rebecca Binny, General Manager of M2B World, Inc., affirms “Hollywood is internationally renowned as the entertainment epicenter of the world, and M2B is proud to further feature the best in entertainment coverage, namely ‘The Hollywood Reporter TV 80’ Vignette Series. M2B has created a reputation for providing what the public wants every single day, and PONY subscribers can now share in the glitz and glamour of their favorite stars every single day, easily pairing that ‘ultimate lifestyle’ with their ‘ultimate lifestyle choice.’”

M2B World has established its competitive edge by offering access to an expansive range of content libraries for aggregation, distribution and syndication on Broadband and other media; including rights for merchandising, product branding, promotion and publicity. Its content covers diverse genres such as movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, fashion, lifestyle, edutainment, and more. Its parent company, Amaru, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a leader in the Broadband Media Entertainment business, and a major provider of interactive Entertainment-on-demand, Education-on-demand and e-commerce streaming over Broadband channels, Internet portals, and 3G devices, with over 100 channels designed to cater to various consumer segments and lifestyles.

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