Leeds Scientific to Unveil New Distributor Opportunities for Sculptisse

Leeds Scientific has patented their most popular product Sculptisse, and is now offering exclusive distributorships worldwide.

Las Vegas, NV, December 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- On the cutting edge of new anti-aging products that help their clients stay away from costly (and risky) cosmetic surgery, Leeds Scientific has patented their most popular product Sculptisse. A cream that does exactly what its name suggests, Sculptisse tightens skin temporarily and makes skin look younger by erasing fine lines and wrinkles without costly surgery. This product can be used only in the worst problem areas, allowing consumers to truly "sculpt" their own face, making Sculptisse perfect for many different types of people with differing skin elasticity. Leeds Scientific only produces and releases products which have been proven exceptionally effective, and Sculptisse is no different.

Already a huge hit in France, Leeds Scientific's CEO isn't surprised their new cutting edge product Sculptisse is so popular. "We always knew that the product worked, it was just a matter of spreading the word and having enough people try it," says Michael Sweeney, CEO. "Sculptisse sells itself once people hear about it, so it's an exciting time for our distributors and a win-win for everyone. Our distributors love being able to offer a truly revolutionary product that they can use with ease and confidence."

Getting involved in distributorship is currently easier than ever; however, interested parties are urged to act swiftly as opportunities could be limited in the future, due to the recent enthusiasm regarding Sculptisse. Visit them at http://leedsscientific.net where you can find out more about what is quickly becoming the industry standard for surgery-free, anti-aging treatments.

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