New Accredicom Software Streamlines the Healthcare Accreditation Process

Zetta Worldwide Technologies has announced the release of Accredicom, a new healthcare accreditation software service. Accredicom will simplify the certification process for thousands of healthcare organizations.

Durham, NC, December 02, 2010 --( Zetta Worldwide Technologies has announced the release of Accredicom, a new healthcare accreditation software service. This new revolutionary software is a web-based software solution that simplifies the accreditation process for healthcare providers looking to earn and maintain national certification.

In a time when the healthcare industry faces many new challenges from new healthcare laws, Accredicom allows medical professionals to simplify the certification process. Getting a new business accredited can be a daunting task, but the new software makes the certification process easy.

Accredicom includes many features that make fast accreditation possible. It provides users with hundreds of forms for healthcare professionals. The web-based platform includes a wide variety of policy manuals and procedures to follow. It features document storage so that important files will never be lost. It includes services on COA, CARF, CQL, JCAHO, NABP, BOCUSA, NBAOS, CHAP, HQAA, ACHC, and the Compliance Team.

It also includes live web support from accreditation consultants and online surveyors. With all of the new healthcare regulations going into effect, it also provides healthcare professionals with daily news updates on accreditation policies. Calendars included with the software will help users follow the complicated process step by step throughout the certification process.

As the number of regulations has increased exponentially, it has driven many physicians out of business. Accredicom will save healthcare agencies thousands of dollars in administrative costs, consulting fees, and excessive labor costs associated with interpreting confusing certification standards.

While getting the initial accreditation is important, many healthcare organizations have underestimated the labor costs associated with keeping their accreditation. Accredicom offers healthcare professionals with a subscription service that includes ongoing live support, the latest updated forms required to maintain accreditation, and additional information and resources to simplify the entire process.

There will be a demo party on December 9th at Tobacco Road in Durham, NC to celebrate the launch of the new Accredicom software.

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Sharita Lawson