Start-Up Launches Social Network for Couples

New York, NY, December 05, 2010 --(, a startup social networking website, officially launched the beta version of it's new social network targeted to couples today.

The social network will provide a platform targeted to couples and also singles to find, share and experience places go and things to do.

"We're very excited to announce the beta launch of the service and to start sharing with everyone. There is no denying that our planet Earth is the most romantic planet in our solar system, but how many times have we run out of ideas of what to do and where to go with our other half? It is also not uncommon of us to be guilty of simply falling into routines. At, we believe that there is a Casanova in each and everyone of us, wanting to share our knowledge and experience with others, and in return, discover some new and exciting things do to from the community. As a Honeybuff user, you will never run out of ideas. Or at least, that's what we aim to do," said Chang Chi Heu, co-founder and CEO at

"Our service is designed to be simple and yet functional. User registrations are free of charge. Design is key and our service highlights are our Places, a service that allows users to share their places of interests. Users can share photos, descriptions and categorise them based on the activities the place is best suited for. More services are being developed with the feedback from our network of users. But for now let's take a look at what we have," said Anderson Chak, co-founder and CMO at The social network provides some key highlight features:

• Google Map: Each posted Place by a user will have an associated location using Google Map.

• Easy Search: Users can very easily filter Places by the activity categories.

• Badges: Users will win points for all sorts of contribution made on the social network, which will lead to special badges being discovered to honour their contributions.

Anderson has indicated that there will be some localised services based on geographical locations. "We are also in talks with some local businesses to explore some possible exciting services for our users. Further details of what, where, and when these services will be available, will be revealed later."

About is a free social network that provides interactive services, targeted to singles and couples, that help users to find, share and explore new and interesting places to go and things to do.

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The information was submitted for publication on 3rd December 2010.

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