Delicious! Offers Free Interactive Skincare Workshops to Teens and Tweens in Shanghai

Delicious! Food for your Skin founder Olya Eastman shares practical skincare tips with teenagers in Shanghai to help them learn healthy skincare habits to look better and feel more self-confident.

Shanghai, China, December 05, 2010 --( No one worries more about the need to take good care of their skin, than a teenager enduring the hormonal changes that come with puberty. Boys and girls are both highly self-conscious during this period, and their emotional self-esteem can be hard hit by an outbreak of acne or blackheads.

However, these same teenagers are intensely curious and eager to learn practical steps to improve their skin condition – but they may lack sufficient knowledge of health, hygiene and nutrition to know what to do. At the same time they are besieged by product information in all forms, and they may not know where to turn to for sound advice on what to choose and when and how to use it.

With a teenage boy at home now experiencing the same concerns, and recalling her own skin care origins that began during her teenage years in Russia, where out of necessity she had to improvise with what was available (and in mid-1980’s Vladivostok, there wasn’t much), Olya Eastman decided she had to share some of her unique experience directly with teenagers in Shanghai. She believes that good skincare and nutritional habits should start at a young age, and that young people are particularly willing to try green, natural approaches to achieve healthy skin. Consequently with the help of enthusiastic teacher Mary Catherine Hogan at Yew Cheng International School (YCIS) in Shanghai, she recently offered a fun, interactive “Teenage Skin Nutrition Workshop” free of charge.

“Delicious! is all about sharing knowledge about the natural roots of beauty, and so I want to share some practical tips with teens,” said Olya, “to help them look and feel their best at a time when their bodies, moods and feelings are constantly changing and a break-out can really impact their self-esteem.” She adds, “as adults we may not realize how difficult it can be for a teen to talk to a parent or teacher about these issues - but both the boys and the girls are in search of answers, and they welcome solutions they can immediately put to use.”

“Olya had a very warm and comfortable rapport with the students,” said Mary. “She shared a variety of easy, practical and useful tips and ideas to help teens take better care of their skin. The students were interested and engaged in the workshop, and a few have since tried out her recipes.”

One such student was a year 10 boy, who was proud to say, “I filled the sink with hot water, took one of my mom’s chamomile tea bags and dipped it in. The smell of the steam and the steam on my face felt really soothing, and was very pleasant. My mom walked in and asked what I was doing with her tea, and I had to explain to her how it should get rid of my pimples. It really worked for me, and cleared my face and made me feel good.”

The first Delicious! teen workshops were held on 26 November 2010 in YCIS Pudong campus and reached out to three classes of teenagers between the ages of 13-16. A total of 36 boys and girls from around the world had an opportunity to learn about the impact of puberty on their skin, to listen to advice about basic skin care techniques, and to learn practical steps for a healthy skin care regime. Olya also shared some simple DIY skin care recipes that can be easily prepared at home using fresh ingredients commonly available on the local market. Following the introductory lecture, each session concluded with a lively question and answer period that sparked provocative questions from both the girls and the boys and made the time quickly fly by.

Building on the success of this first “Teenage Skin Nutrition Workshop,” Olya looks forward to reaching out to other schools in Shanghai with her simple message to take healthy skincare into one’s own hands, using a fresh, natural approach.


Note to Editors

About Delicious! Food for your Skin

Delicious! is a tiny brand – with a big heart, and a powerful vision: “to empower women to look better, feel better and enjoy naturally healthier skin.” (Well, clearly young men are interested too.)

Delicious! caters direct to its customers in Shanghai, China with fresh, hand-blended and seasonally inspired skin nutrition sessions that are rich in essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. Stimulating and nutritious for the body – while soothing for the soul.

One of the key values of the company is “to share knowledge,” and it does this through workshops for adults (they can afford to pay) – and now for teens (their enthusiasm and energy is payment enough), as well as through its regular newsletters and website.
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