Paper to Pearls: a Greener Shade of Hope

Alexandria, VA, December 09, 2010 --( Paper to Pearls, a micro‐enterprise initiative in northern Uganda, is featured prominently in the premier issue of Live Green Magazine, a bi‐monthly publication that celebrates and encourages a modern green lifestyle. The issue features Paper to Pearls’ signature “eyes and beads” photo on the cover and a six‐page spread including two articles by founder, Barbara Moller.

“We wanted a ‘wow’ impression for the first issue,” said Faith Moeckel, editor of Live Green. “We not only get that with the cover image but also with the other great Paper to Pearls photography. And Barbara’s articles are great.”

In her write‐ups Moller emphasizes the essential role that an initiative such as Paper to Pearls plays in sustainability, a key concept of the modern green movement. “As I mention in my article, true sustainability is not only about protecting the planet but also creating possibilities for people everywhere to live with dignity and hope.”

Paper to Pearls began in 2006 as a poverty alleviation program for women in the internal refugee camps of northern Uganda. "That we now talk about it also in green terms is an added plus that broadens and deepens the story", she says. "A tag line such as ‘Eco is Chic, Especially When it Fights Poverty' connects with people at multiple levels. That the product is also beautiful and people can't believe it's made of paper also heightens interest. Recycled material, a fair trade product, it's exciting that these are becoming expectations for many people and are things they look for."

Paper to Pearls' Live Green Magazine article can be found at

About Paper to Pearls
An initiative of Voices for Global Change, Paper to Pearls works with women from internal refugee camps in northern Uganda to create jewelry by hand‐rolling beads from recycled paper, which is then sold in the United States and throughout the world. On average, 85 percent of the sale price of each piece of jewelry directly benefits the beader through income and training.

Since its founding in 2005, the program has grown to include nearly 100 women in six beading cooperatives, allowing them to make approximately four times the national average wage. Concerned with empowerment and self‐sufficiency, Paper to Pearls also provides women with the skills and confidence to take control of their own lives. For more information and to purchase jewelry items, visit

Paper to Pearls
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