Cosmetics and Animal Protection Go Hand-in-Hand

New beauty website gently leads readers toward non-animal tested cosmetics. At My Makeup Mirror, they claim you can be glammed and glitzed, outrageous and blinged-out - all without touching one hair on the head of a rabbit.

Austin, TX, January 29, 2007 --( It's not a politically correct idea for a website to guide readers toward animal-friendly products - it's a humane idea. It has nothing to do with style. At My Makeup Mirror, one of the most popular articles is called "Makeup Without Cruelty" - and it's updated almost daily.

My Makeup Mirror is made up of articles and tips on face fashion, but underlying the site is the concept that beauty and kindness are one and the same. A truly beautiful woman, for example, would not wear fur. Why? Not because it's in or out of fashion, but because obtaining fur directly involves animal abuse. A beautiful woman, whose beauty begins with grace and compassion, would not follow a trend that hurts others.

The site has started gently, with a list of cosmetics companies that do not use animal testing. The webmistress is collecting this information herself, rather than reprinting others' lists. She plans to create a second article on cosmetics that not only don't use animal testing, but also do not contain animal by-products.

It's interesting to note, says Suzann, the head writer at My Makeup Mirror, that some companies unequivocally state they do not contain any products (of their own, or products purchased from suppliers) that involve animal testing.

And other companies respond to Suzann's inquiry with phrases such as We Support Animal Rights or We Are Against Animal Testing. That could mean anything, and Suzann includes that information in the site's article.

The other problem noted in My Makeup Mirror's article, is that different countries have different requirements regarding this practice, and some of the multinational cosmetics firms are having to dance around the different laws.

But beauty - true beauty that starts in the heart and radiates outward - is the theme of My Makeup Mirror. Very different from most fashion sites, but definitely the way of the future.

My Makeup Mirror
Suzann Kale