Marty Davis Debuts Chickaboomer for Baby Boomer Women and Beyond

Chickaboomer's web site has four blogs: Marty's Blog, Fizz Fashion, Sparkle Beauty, and Boom! Marty Davis offers product picks and tips on apparel, accessories, shoes, skin care, hair, rejuvenation, and fitness. Marty's Blog is a must-read on pop culture, entertainment, and politics.

Sparta, NC, January 30, 2007 --( is a web site with blogs geared to baby boomer women and beyond. The must-read blog of Marty Davis, the creator of Geezer Radio.

"Your blog is completely out there," says a leading baby boomer marketing expert. "I used to think the weirdest thing about you was that you were a Republican. Now I think the least weird thing about you is that you are a Republican."

"You could be positioning yourself for mini-stardom with certainly the most outrageous baby boomer blog I've ever run across," he adds.

MORE Magazine targeting women over 40 surveyed nearly 2,000 women between 40 and 60 and discovered four female boomer personalities: Pragmatic Planners, Revolutionaries, Security Seekers, and Connection Cultivators. Of these, the Revolutionaries -- the optimists, doers and risk-takers who believe remaining youthful and attractive is "important and empowering" -- are the dominant segment and More's core audience.

Marty's a Revolutionary. "Chickaboomer - weird -- very weird," says Dick Stroud, United Kingdom baby boomer expert and head of "She has created Chickaboomer that is a web site with four blogs. That's about it for the facts, the rest defies description. Words like weird, strange, freaky are the first things that come to mind when attempting to frame something approaching a description of the site. I won't waste any more time -- just click on How refreshing that a liberal dose of humor is being injected into the dusty world of Boomers. Who really is Marty Davis? For UK readers of the blog I can announce an exclusive -- she is the Stig!"

Follow FIZZ Fashion, Marty's fashion recommendations and store links, to save busy boomer women time and money. SPARKLE Beauty offers health, skin care product tips, rejuvenation, hair care, diet, fitness, lifestyle recommendations and links. BOOM Blog has links for baby boomer women. Men, find out What Women Want at

A Detroit, Michigan native, Marty has a long list of media credits, including MSNBC "talking head;" CNBC; Mutual Broadcasting Company network radio news anchor; WTOP radio Washington, DC news anchor; radio talk show host; and Washington correspondent for the now-defunct nationally syndicated TV talk show "Hour Magazine". Marty anchored the news in Larry King's hugely successful network radio talk show syndicated by Westwood One and has interviewed vice presidents to vice cops. She has a master's degree in journalism, communications, and public affairs, from The American University in Washington, DC and is in the boomer demo (58), looks 20 years younger, and reveals her anti-aging secrets, shortcuts, and tips with absolutely no reservation! 

Chickaboomer came from the 1971 Daddy Dewdrop hit tune "Chick-A-Boom (don't you jes' love it). For some cosmic reason, Marty has carried that song in her head all these years, and pays homage to Daddy Dewdrop (Richard Monda), who has reinvented himself as a blues singer and musician. Marty is all for the Mothers of Reinvention.

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